An Introductory Course to Teaching at SUTD for New Faculty Members

The Learning Sciences Lab runs a primer course on Introduction to Teaching at SUTD for new faculty members biannually. This will be akin to the Teaching Certificate Course for Graduate Teaching Assistants. 

The 3-hour workshop aims to introduce faculty members to teaching context at SUTD and get them to explore their own teaching style so that they are aware of the changes to be made and learning and development they want to pursue.  

Feedback from workshop participants

"This workshop helps me realize about teaching style. The issues is perhaps how I learnt as an Olympiad participant and how my university education was like is different. I feel inspired by how ISTD does the ID project. For me, I think it is good that I feel challenged to inspire my students to learn and to reflect on how to solve problems, as I used to do personally in my Olympiad days." 

"The workshop help me to rethink on my way of delivering lesson in more active learning way. Overall, the workshop spark some new ideas for on current education. It's effective." 

"It was very interesting to know how to in corporate things. I am already doing and building my portfolio and creating active collaborations with other faculty".