SUTD Leadership

Ms Giselia GiamMs Giselia Giam

Vice-President (Administration) and
Chief Financial Officer

The Team


Senior Academic Leadership

Senior Administrative Leadership

Prof Ricky Ang

Professor Ricky Ang

Associate Provost, International Relations, and
Ng Teng Fong Chair Professor


Mr Jonathan Kua

Mr Jonathan Kua

Chief of Staff, Student Affairs, and
Director, Admissions

Prof Chua Chee Kai

Professor Chua Chee Kai

Associate Provost, Research, and
Cheng Tsang Man Chair Professor


Ms Neo Chin

Ms Neo Chin

Chief Investment Officer

Prof Ashraf A. Kassim

Professor Ashraf A. Kassim

Associate Provost, Education


Mrs June Cho

Mrs June Cho

Chief Human Resources Officer

Prof Cheong Koon Hean

Professor Cheong Koon Hean

Chairman, Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities


Mr Poon King Wang

Mr Poon King Wang

Chief Strategy Officer

Prof Lim Seh Chun

Professor Lim Seh Chun

Advisor, Special Projects, Office of Provost


Ms Tammy Tan

Ms Tammy Tan

Chief Communications Officer

Assoc Prof Low Hong Yee

Professor Low Hong Yee

Head of Pillar, Engineering Product Development


Prof Erwin Viray

Professor Erwin Viray

Chief Sustainability Officer

Prof Rakesh Nagi

Professor Rakesh Nagi

Head of Pillar, Engineering Systems and Design


Ms Corinna Choong

Ms Corinna Choong

Senior Director, Sustainability

Assoc Prof Dario Poletti

Associate Professor Dario Poletti

Head of Cluster, Science, Mathematics and Technology, and
Programme Director, SUTD Honours and Research Programme


Ms Celestine Khoo

Ms Celestine Khoo

Senior Director, Venture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Professor Tony Quek

Head of Pillar, Information Systems Technology and Design, and
Director, Future Communications Research and Development Programme


Mr Lim King Boon

Mr Lim King Boon

General Manager, Partnership, Innovation and Enterprise


Prof Tai Lee Siang

Professor Tai Lee Siang

Head of Pillar, Architecture and Sustainable Design,
Director, DesignZ, and
Programme Director, Design and Artificial Intelligence


Assoc Prof Yow Wei Quin

Professor Yow Wei Quin

Head of Cluster, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences