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  • Mapletree Donates S$50,000 Through 250 Trees to SUTD
    05 Apr 2024

    Mapletree Investments made its stand for a better world by donating S$50,000 through 250 trees to SUTD. The joint tree planting event, Trees for a Better World: Plant a Tree with Mapletree @ SUTD, which had close to 300 participants, was graced by Mr Tan Kiat How, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of National Development and Ms Jessica Tan, Deputy Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore.

  • SUTD Aims to Be a Top Design-Led Technology University With New Leadership, Vision and Strategy
    11 Mar 2024

    SUTD, which was the first university to incorporate design thinking and design innovation into its entire curriculum over a decade ago, will embark on a new strategy “SUTD Leap” aimed at redesigning higher education with a greater focus on design and deep tech so as to nurture design x tech innovators and innovator leaders going forward.

  • SUTD Breaks New Ground With New Design Accredited Degrees
    16 Feb 2024

    Every single SUTD graduate from our undergraduate degree programmes is now recognised as being “design-trained”. This marks the first time all degrees in a university worldwide have been design accredited.

  • SUTD Launches First-of-Its-Kind Mini AI Model With Three Trillion-Token Punch
    31 Jan 2024

    TinyLlama is a 1.1 billion parameter open-sourced small language model that has outperformed other open-source models of comparable sizes across several benchmarks. A total of three trillion tokens of datasets were pre-trained on TinyLlama within just four months.

  • SUTD Launches $3.2 Million Baby Shark Micro-innovation Fund for Its Students
    23 Jan 2024

    Affectionately called the “Baby Shark Fund”, the micro-innovation programme aims to bolster the university’s strong commitment to student-led innovation, design-thinking and risk-taking.

  • SUTD Rolls Out Singapore’s Most Complex 3D Bus Ads
    15 Jan 2024

    SUTD's new 3D bus advertisements, which are being rolled out on local buses as part of a new “School for Innovators” advertising campaign, are the most complex of all bus ads to-date. In all, it involved a total of about 600 man-hours of conceptualisation, design and production to bring the idea to life.