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  • S$62 million CyberSG R&D Programme Office
    29 Sep 2023

    The CyberSG R&D Programme Office will be the first research programme of its kind in the ASEAN region. It brings together researchers from local research institutions and autonomous universities, including the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

  • SUTD researchers develop game app to help elderly stave off dementia
    29 Sep 2023

    Called Ami, the app is a simple and interactive touch-screen game suitable for the elderly. It currently offers three games and supports six different languages including dialects, which are Chinese, English, and Malay, Tamil, Hokkien and Cantonese.

  • How These Five Cities Are Leading the Way to a Greener World
    27 Sep 2023

    SINGAPORE - An urban jungle reimagined. By restoring natural biodiversity and incorporating native plants into architecture, Singapore "serves as an example for other towns looking to create livable, environmentally conscious cities," says Professor Thomas Schroepfer.

  • SUTD and LASALLE students team up to build electric vehicle from scratch
    27 Sep 2023

    The project teaches students about the importance of form and function in product design. The students created models and sourced for materials before putting the vehicle together.

  • LASALLE College of the Arts and University of Technology and Design collaborate to design electric sports car
    25 Sep 2023

    The students used 3D printing technology to design and manufacture the innovative and sleek external shell, which embodies the speed and agility of the sports car.

  • Using insects as reference for designing the body of an electric sports car
    25 Sep 2023

    Inspired by the biological structure and characteristics of insects, teams from two local educational institutions collaborated to use 3D printing technology to design and manufacture the external shell components of an electric sports car.

  • Bilingualism delays dementia
    09 Sep 2023

    What are the benefits of bilingualism? It turns out that in addition to educational benefits, work convenience and maintaining connections with family and cultural traditions, bilingualism also has a positive impact on the brain and even delays the onset of dementia.

  • How curiosity sparked pioneering cancer research
    08 Sep 2023

    "I did this research by chance. I was enrolled at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT for my postdoctoral work to develop electrical devices with biotechnology. The institute is focused on cancer research and I happened to view other groups' work on cancer cells. I thought, 'This is quite interesting', and wondered if I could extend my work to cancer research," said Assistant Prof Desmond Loke.

  • New research institute to build talent in coastal protection, flood management in Singapore
    08 Sep 2023

    The Coastal Protection and Flood Resilience Institute and its partner institutes – which include the Singapore University of Technology and Design, will also aim to attract talent, create new research jobs and train PhD students.