Customised Corporate Training Programme

Tailoring the programme for your organisation and staff needs

At SUTD academy, we build flexible future-focused up-skilling and re-skilling solutions to help you build workforce capability for existing and future needs. Driven by your explicit needs, our solutions can be co-designed with you and fully customised so that they are relevant to right now - and where you are heading.

Whether it’s an uplift in digital skills, development of leaders, re-skilling in emerging technologies, building highly valuable transferrable skills, SUTD Academy can work with you to design immersive, engaging and interactive learning that rapidly lifts the skill levels of your people and meets the specific needs of your company. With our customised training, you will enjoy flexibility in training content, schedule and venue.  

Key Features

  • Targeted training that is specific to your training needs

  • Achieve synergy by combining training solutions from various job roles 

  • Address skills gaps

  • Flexible training schedule and venue (either at your company or in SUTD)

  • Leverage SUTD’s technology-enabled learning

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