Graduate Certificate in HR Analytics and Technology

The programme provides business and technology expertise from Aalto University and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) to help individuals master their mindset towards understanding and managing technology while at the same time building their business management skills.

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Learners can also complete this Graduate Certificate as part of the ModularMaster Certificate in Digital HR.

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Who Should Attend

Leaders in management role, senior executives, tasked with leading change, digital transformation

Business owners/senior leaders looking to data science for decision making


Foundation Data Science for HR Professionals

Participants will learn the fundamentals of data science and its applications; then progress to HR analytics, where they will learn techniques to start such a function within the HR Division. Topics covered will be comprehensive and will include the full value chain of the data science cycle, to having hands on practice with statistics and Power BI.

Agile Approach in HR Technology Implementation

Agile is an approach that works by breaking technology projects into short, iterative cycles called “sprints”. At the core of Agile is the assumption that change happens when a project develops and takes form. Participants will master the Action Design Approach (ADR) to managing technology projects. This will include skills in problem definition, design of iterations in technology projects, and managing improvements in future projects.

HR Technology Strategy and Employee Digital Lifecycle Management

The purpose of the course is to expose participants to the latest developments in the field by arranging a series of workshops and speaker sessions in which invited experts share their own technology/innovations and insights from the human capital field. Participants will be required to reflect on the insights provided and integrate the acquired knowledge with programme content and their own experiences.