Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management in the Digital Economy

The programme is designed to help learners who are looking to hone their skills in leadership and management in the new age of digital. Leading and managing people of a different generation with the advent of data and digitalisation. Learners will also be acquiring skills in design innovation and be equipped with practical experiences and toolkits in design and bring about innovation.

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Learners can also complete this Graduate Certificate as part of the ModularMaster Certificate in Digital HR.

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Who Should Attend

Leaders in management role, senior executives, tasked with leading change, digital transformation

Business owners/senior leaders looking to data science for decision making


Digital Communication

This course teaches you how to communicate more effectively using digital media and tools to achieve your goals. Digital communication is much more than good writing on a screen or putting all your communication efforts online. There are both hard digital skills and soft digital skills to acquire so that you can continuously connect, engage and inspire your audience in the digital spaces.


Leadership and Change Management

Leadership and Change Management equips participants to become effective leaders and change agents within their organisation. The course commences with a section on the inevitability of change in today’s globalised business environment, impressing on students the importance of responding to (and potentially capitalising on) that change. The course then introduces the systemic leadership approach before covering different leadership theories and sources of power and legitimacy that leaders often employ.


Digital Transformation and Innovation 

This course allows participants to have a better understanding of the impact of digital transformation to their business organisations and the technologies involved in its enablement. Participants will be able to build a digital transformation strategy, business innovation models and blueprint for implementation.