Graduate Certificate in Social Media Marketing

The programme is designed to help marketers and business owners tap on the growing influence of social media marketing to improve and grow their business. Topics covered include marketing through influencers, sentiment analytics, customer experience design, storytelling through the use of memes.

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Learners can also complete this Graduate Certificate as part of the ModularMaster Certificate in Strategic Digital Marketing.

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Who Should Attend

Traditional marketers looking to upgrade or widen their skill set in the area of social media marketing

Copywriters, sales professionals looking to understand marketing and improve communications and collaboration

Business owners/senior leaders looking to grow their business


The Art of Influencing with Social Media and Content Marketing

This 5-day programme provides learners with the confidence to know how to be effective in dealing with their own teams and/or an agency/vendor in the analysis, planning, implementation and measurement of an effective social media strategy. This programme is designed by industry practitioners and aims to equip marketers with the latest knowledge and best practices in social media including Influencer Marketing, Content Creation and Paid Social Media advertising.

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Social Media and Sentiment Analytics

Forward-thinking companies are competing based on their ability to offer relevant marketing content that is tailored to customers’ behaviour, preferences, and context – otherwise what is known as customer-centric care. Using new technology innovations in artificial intelligence helps marketers across all industries to select the most profitable content for each customer, thus delivering the right content at the right time across the most relevant channel or device.

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Customer Experience (CX) Bootcamp

Good customer experience can bring good business value. Nowadays, Customer Experience (CX) is getting more and more attention, marketing through CX strategy has become one of the top skills that marketers must master. CX Research can help you better understand customers as well as introduce products and services; thus improve customer loyalty.

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