MTD Programme Fees

Tuition Fee

Tuition fee per academic year for new full-time students admitted in AY2024/25 are as follows:

MTD (AI Empowered Built Environment)
MTD (Cybersecurity)
MTD (Data Science)
MTD (HealthTech Innovation)
MTD (Human-Centred Design)
MTD (Robotics & Automation)
MTD (Sustainable Product Design)

Singapore Citizens (SCs) and
Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs)

(inclusive of prevailing GST)

International Students (IS)

(inclusive of prevailing GST)

MTD (IC Design, Failure Analysis and Reliability) 4

Singapore Citizens (SCs) and
Singapore Permanent Residents (SPRs)

(inclusive of prevailing GST)

International Students (IS)

(inclusive of prevailing GST)

Please note the following for tuition fee:

  1. The MTD programme is a non-MOE subsidised programme, thus fees quoted are non-subsidised fees as Tuition Grant (TG) scheme is not applicable.

  2. The tuition fees quoted here are inclusive of prevailing GST. The prevailing GST rate is 9% with effect from 1 January 2024.

  3. SUTD alumni who have graduated with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from SUTD will receive a one-time rebate of 5% off the tuition fee (before GST).

  4. For the MTD (IC Design, Failure Analysis and Reliability) programme: Fees are exclusive of student’s airfare, visa and related travel costs to Wintech-Nano Semiconductor Institute at Suzhou, China in Term 3.

  5. Citizenship changes which result in tuition fee rate changes will be effected in the term only if email notification (together with Singapore NRIC or collection slip) to the Office of Student Administration is received no later than the end of Week 2 of the term.

  6. Fees are subject to annual revision.

Compulsory Miscellaneous Fee (CMF)

In addition to tuition fees, students are required to pay the Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees (CMF) as long as they remain registered as students with the University. These compulsory annual miscellaneous fees are charged for registration to the student council, students’ activities, insurance, sports facilities, IT facilities and academic-related services. These fees are non-refundable.

The Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees for AY2024 payable by all students are as follows:

Fees Singapore Citizens (SC) and
Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR)
(Inclusive of prevailing GST)
International Students (IS)
(Inclusive of prevailing GST)

One-Time Enrolment Fee to Student Activities and Services (Student Council)



Compulsory Miscellaneous Fee per year



*The CMF may be subject to change.

Fee Billing and Payment Mode

Successful applicants will receive the fees and payment details together with the offer letter. Students are required to pay the full tuition fee and Compulsory Miscellaneous Fees (CMF) by 1 July 2024. All payments shall be made to SUTD via electronic modes.

Refund Policy

Students who apply for leave of absence or leave SUTD, either through withdrawal of their own accord or termination of candidature by SUTD, after two weeks from the commencement of the programme, will not be refunded the paid programme fee. Requests for refund will not be considered.

For billing related enquiries, please write to or call +65 6303 6888.