MOE Bursary Scheme

All full-time undergraduate students who are Singapore Citizens enrolled in MOE-subsidised programmes, and meet the household income criteria, are eligible for the MOE Bursary Scheme.


  Tier 1 Tier 2
Gross Monthly Household Per Capita Income (PCI)* S$1,001 to S$1,725 S$1,726 to S$2,250
Gross Monthly Household Income (GHI) S$4,001 to S$6,900 S$6,901 to S$9,000
Quantum (per annum) S$2,700 S$1,350


On yearly basis 


No repayment required.
However, the bursary must be refunded in part or in full if the student withdraws from studies or studies terminated.

Refunds amount are as followed:

  1. 50% of the bursary if did not progress to Term 2.
  2. 100% of the bursary if students withdraw within the first 2 weeks of term and need not pay fees.

Application Period

Application for Incoming Undergraduate Students (AY2018 Intake)
Application for financial assistance may be made upon acceptance of SUTD’s admission offer at the Online Pre-Matriculation Exercise (OPEX). You will only need to submit a single online application for SUTD administered Study/Bursary awards and MOE/CDC/CCC University Bursary Scheme.
Application for Existing Undergraduate Students
5 October 2018 – 17 October 2018

Eligible applicant is entitled to receive the bursary once only during the academic year. Re-application is required every year.

Instructions to Applicants

  1. Access MyPortal to apply online. For incoming students, you will be able to log in to MyPortal once you have successfully completed your Online Pre-matriculation Exercise (OPEx)
  2. Upon logging in, navigate through Self Service > Campus Finances > Financial Aid Application.
  3. Please follow the instructions indicated in the online application portal and complete all required fields in the online application form.
  4. Please ensure that you save and print out the completed application form before exiting from the application portal. 
  5. Please refer to the Document Checklist form for the required supporting documents. Please click here for the Document Checklist form.
  6. If any of your parents or siblings is self-employed or unemployed, please download and submit the completed Self-Declaration form. Please click here for the Self Declaration form (Parents/Siblings who are self-employed or unemployed).
  7. Please submit the completed application form and all required supporting documents in a sealed envelope to Office of Student Administration using one of the following modes:
    1. Office of Student Administration (OSA) submission box located at Campus Centre Building 3, Level 2 or
    2. Postal mail to the following address:
    3. Singapore University of Technology and Design
      Office of Student Administration (OSA)
      8 Somapah Road
      Singapore 487372

All incomplete submissions will not be processed.

Points to Note

  1. Students must not concurrently hold other scholarship, study award/grant or bursary in the same year of award as MOE Bursary.
  2. Students who are awarded the Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy by Yayasan Mendaki or scholarships/bursaries/study awards, which is meant to cover the tuition fees only, can concurrently hold the MOE Bursary.
  3. Students who are holding awards or bursaries that are meant for specific programmes on top of the tuition fees and living expenses, such as bursaries meant for participation in overseas exchange programmes, can also concurrently hold the MOE Bursary.
  4. Students who are receiving the education bursaries under the HOPE Scheme can also hold either the CDC/CCC Bursary or the MOE Bursary concurrently.
  5. Students must not concurrently hold the CDC/CCC-University Bursary and the MOE Bursary.
  6. Transferred or re-admitted students who are pursuing their first diploma or degree (and not already holding higher qualifications than the level they are pursuing) at SUTD and have to pay full fees for part or the full duration of their new course as their tuition grant was exhausted for the previous course, will continue to be eligible for MOE Bursary for the duration when they are charged the subsidised fees while Tuition Grant is available to them.

* Gross Monthly Household Per Capita Income (PCI) is computed by dividing the Gross Household Income by the number of members in the household. (Gross income refers to amount before deduction of CPF. It includes allowances, overtime, commissions etc).