SUTD Education Opportunity Grant

The SUTD Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG) aims to help students with demonstrated financial need offset their educational expenses at SUTD. In particular, eligible students with the greatest financial need will be guaranteed a financial package equal to 100% of their tuition fees, as well as full coverage of the mandatory hostel fees during the Freshmore terms.

The quantum of financial support you receive will be tiered based on your financial circumstances. The SEOG will cover the full duration (up to 8 academic terms) of your undergraduate studies as long as you continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

There are no additional selection interviews and no limit to the number of recipients. All students who meet the eligibility criteria will receive the grant. There is also no bond attached to the award. 

With this upfront guarantee of financial aid, you can focus on pursuing your interests and passions at SUTD without having to worry about financing.


The SEOG is open to full-time undergraduates who meet the following criteria:

  • Are Singapore Citizens (SC);
  • Must not concurrently hold a scholarship, unless approved by SUTD;
  • Monthly household Per Capita Income (PCI) of S$2,500 and below; and
  • Residing in a 4-room HDB flat or smaller, and family does not own any private property.


The grant is tenable for a maximum of four years (8 academic terms) of undergraduate studies, provided that the recipient continues to meet the eligibility criteria. 

Recipients will be required to provide supporting income documents to the Office of Student Administration on an annual basis for re-assessment.

Benefits of Award

The SEOG, enhanced in AY2020, covers tuition fees and hostel fees. The quantum for tuition fees is tiered based on your household income and is fixed for each cohort after taking into consideration the prevailing tuition fees payable by each cohort.

Covers up to 100% of tuition fees and hostel fees
Together with the enhanced Government bursaries, the SEOG offsets up to 100% of your tuition fees and hostel fees. Details of the various Government bursaries can be found here:

Tiered Grant1 based on monthly household Per Capita Income (PCI)

  Tier 1
(PCI: S$0 - S$750)
Tier 2
(PCI: S$751 - S$1,100)
Tier 3
(PCI: S$1,101 - S$1,875)
Tier 4
(PCI: S$1,876 - S$2,500)


Funding for Hostel Fees2

100% 100% 50% N.A.

Quantum for Tuition Fees - AY2024

S$7,200 S$7,455 S$4,310 S$2,970

How the SEOG Offsets your Tuition Fees (AY2024: S$13,500)

Add: Enhanced Government Bursary

S$6,300 S$5,100 S$3,250 S$1,350

Total Financial Aid Package 
(SEOG + Government Bursary)

Up to 100% of Tuition Fees, inclusive of Government Bursary + S$4,000 living allowance

Up to 93% of Tuition Fees, inclusive of Government Bursary Up to 56% of Tuition Fees, inclusive of Government Bursary Up to 32% of Tuition Fees, inclusive of Government Bursary

1  The grant from the SEOG may comprise donor-supported EOGs and/or donor bursary awards.
2  Funding for Hostel Fees (capped at lowest double room rate) is only applicable for the Freshmore terms where hostel stay is compulsory.


Prospective students will be automatically considered for the SEOG as part of their online application for financial aid, which includes SUTD-administered Study/Bursary Awards, Special Programme/Grants and Government Bursaries.

Students awarded one-year scholarship may also apply for the SEOG to offset their tuition fees in the second and subsequent years of their studies.

Application may be made as part of the Financial Aid application via MyPortal.