SUTD currently offers five undergraduate programmes. Our undergraduate programmes are developed to offer a modern engineering and architectural education that crosses traditional disciplines. They prepare students for roles that involve design, technical leadership and creative thinking.

Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD)

Bachelor of Science (Architecture and Sustainable Design) – 8 terms
Master of Architecture – 10 terms
ASD prepares students for the future needs of architecture in a digital era – ecological urban architecture, leveraging on big data to design smart cities, advanced design computation, digital fabrication and more.

Computer Science and Design (CSD)

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science and Design)* – 8 terms
CSD prepares students for the design of software as well as integrated software/hardware systems that interact with human and machines

* Graduating class of 2020 and earlier were conferred the Bachelor of Engineering (Information Systems Technology and Design).

Design and Artificial Intelligence (DAI)

Bachelor of Science (Design and Artificial Intelligence) – 8 terms 
DAI prepares students for an artificial intelligence-driven economy, where they can boost productivity and create economic value through sustainable applications.

Engineering Product Development (EPD)

Bachelor of Engineering (Engineering Product Development) – 8 terms 
EPD prepares students for leadership in the conception, design, implementation and operation of innovative technology-intensive products.

Engineering Systems and Design (ESD)

Bachelor of Engineering (Engineering Systems and Design) – 8 terms 
ESD prepares students for the design, analysis, optimisation and management of large-scale complex systems



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