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  • SUTD researchers developed customizable microfluidic nozzles...
    31 Jan 2019 Engineering Product Development, DManD Biomedical, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Environmental

    Researchers from the SUTD developed a modular approach to fabricate microfluidic axisymmetric droplet generators with distinct modules of 3D printed fittings, needles and tubes.

  • NTU and SUTD researchers discover asymmetric chemical reaction with intriguing reaction pathways
    28 Jan 2019 Science and Mathematics Biochemistry, Particle Physics

    In essence, this work communicates a new synthetic 'tool' for chemists which operates in an unconventional and intriguing manner, paving the way for the design of other asymmetric reactions based on halogen-bonding interactions.

  • Multimaterial 3D printing used to develop fast response stiffness-tunable soft actuator
    15 Jan 2019 Science and Mathematics, DmanD Chemistry, Industrial Engineering, Physics, Materials

    Researchers from the SUTD and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) proposed a paradigm to use finite-element simulations and hybrid multimaterial 3D printing to design and manufacture fast-response, stiffness-tunable (FRST) soft actuators which are able to complete a softening-stiffening cycle within 32 seconds.

  • Holographic color printing for optical security
    08 Jan 2019 Engineering Product Development Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Optics

    Unlike regular diffractive optical elements that have a frosted-glass appearance and projects only single images, these new holographic colour prints can be a stronger deterrent to counterfeiters while looking pretty at the same time.