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  • SUTD Physicists Unlock the Mystery of Thermionic Emission in Graphene
    07 Oct 2019 Science and Mathematics Chemistry, Industrial Engineering, Physics, Materials, Nanotechnology, Robotry

    Without relying on the Dirac cone approximation, this new thermionic emission model allows a wide array of graphene-based devices operating at different temperatures and energy regimes to be universally described under a single framework

  • Structural colour printing of 3D microscale objects by shrinking photonic crystals
    01 Oct 2019 Engineering Product Development Chemistry, Materials, Optics, Physics

    The 3D-printed model of the Eiffel Tower, measuring less than half the width of a human hair at 39 micrometers, exhibits multiple colours due to the manner in which light interacts with the nanostructures that hold up the model.