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  • Chip-based dispersion compensation for faster fibre internet
    29 Jun 2023 Engineering Product Development Materials Design, Photonics, and Data Storage

    SUTD scientists developed a novel CMOS-compatible, slow-light-based transmission grating device for the dispersion compensation of high-speed data, significantly lowering data transmission errors.

  • Keeping Your Backdoor Secure
    27 Jun 2023 Information Systems Technology and Design Secure Computing

    SUTD researchers developed AEGIS, the first and only technique that is able to detect backdoor attacks in robust machine learning models.

  • Novel intrinsic transport effect unlocks potential nonlinear applications
    21 Jun 2023 Science, Mathematics and Technology Design & Innovation

    A never-before-observed phenomenon in electron transport - the intrinsic nonlinear planar Hall effect - could translate to useful applications in electronics.