SUTD Innovation Journey

The SUTD Innovation Journey is a complete suite of activities to help you level up your innovation knowledge and build competency in innovation.

You are the pilot of your course through the suite of innovation activities to help you prepare for various pitching platforms. These activities serve as a directory and will be updated regularly to help you find your journey through SUTD.

Designing Your Journey

Are you overwhelmed by the choices of innovation activities and programmes within SUTD? The Innovation Journey categorises these programmes to help you gain incremental experience and knowledge in innovation, culminating in various innovative outcomes.

The best part? You decide what works for you; join at any stage or programme, and in any order. You can design your entire academic journey centred around innovation across your time in SUTD - now that is a neat plan.

Start Your Journey

The SUTD Innovation Journey is part of the Baby Shark Fund supporting every SUTD undergraduate and master student in developing innovative solution for the world.

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