Our Signature Programmes

A diverse range of programmes for every aspiring entrepreneur

These workshops are developed with industry and ecosystem partners, to deliver relevant and high quality content focused on capacity and venture building.


*Open to everyone

StartSomething Series - Ideate, Build and Launch

The StartSomething Series offers a remarkable opportunity to aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with a guided path to turn their ideas into tangible realities. 

A 3-part short workshop series, this programme equips students with essential entrepreneurial fundamentals while immersing them in the process of developing their ideas from inception to a successful launch. It is a transformative journey that empowers participants to cultivate the skills and knowledge necessary for entrepreneurial success.

Entrepreneurship Capstone

*Open to SUTD final-year students only

Entrepreneurship Capstone - a Capstone project that consolidates students' learnings across their SUTD education

Go from idea to execution to the marketplace in one go. Learn to become an entrepreneur and pick up the skills needed to manage and succeed in the real world.

Students may find mentorship guidance and funding support should they choose to pursue their ideas as Entrepreneur-Capstone projects, if they have identified projects with the potential to become a startup venture. While meeting the academic requirements, they will also achieve a validated business model that can be taken to the next stage and a Minimum Viable Prototype.

Create4Good Hackathon

*Open to all tertiary-level students only

Create4Good Hackathon - a three-day programme focusing on tackling today's social and environmental challenges

The Create4Good Hackathon is an exciting opportunity for bright minds to come together and leverage their skills, creativity, and passion to create innovative solutions that make a tangible difference in society and the environment.

It is about harnessing the power of collaboration, problem-solving, and empathy to drive positive change. By integrating technology, design thinking, and sustainability principles, we aim to inspire participants to develop groundbreaking solutions that impact the world around us.

Create4Good Innovation Fund

*Open to everyone

Create4Good Innovation Fund - a three-month social innovation programme focusing on Singapore's inequality challenges

Create4Good Innovation Fund empowers individuals to create positive change in society through entrepreneurship. The programme aims to nurture and support aspiring changemakers, by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and mentorship to turn their innovative ideas into impactful ventures.

Through workshops, talks, panels, and mentorship opportunities, the programme strives to level up participants’ skills and knowledge, enabling them to address pressing social challenges and make a sustainable impact in their communities. Join us on this transformative journey as we unlock the potential of social entrepreneurship to create a better and more inclusive future for all.

Create4Good Innovation Fund

ARISE Hackathon

*Open to SUTD research teams and university students

Accelerating Research & Innovation for SUTD Entrepreneurs (ARISE) - a one-day market hacking event for research-backed technology

In the ARISE Hackathon, teams will explore use cases and markets for their solution or technology. Through a guided process, they will explore new applications and markets that they might have previously overlooked, which could potentially be the game-changing moment for the team.


ARISE: Validate & Venture

*Open to everyone

Accelerating Research & Innovation for SUTD Entrepreneurs (ARISE) - a modular programme focusing on technology commercialisation

In ARISE: Validate, teams will go out to the field and confirm if there is an actual need for their solution and discover other important requirements of their target market, to better shape the development roadmap of their solution.

Continuing in ARISE: Venture, teams will learn what else is required beyond just building their product and selling it to customers. This last part will provide an overview of the complex backend processes, from understanding the supply chain all the way to navigating the regulatory landscape.


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