Campus Life
A campus built for interaction and collaboration

East Coast Campus

East Coast Campus- Aerial ViewBuilding on the vision set out in the Master Plan, the East Coast Campus will foster collaboration, invention and creativity by integrating student facilities, housing and recreational buildings with mixed-use precincts connected through open spaces and plazas.

The layout of the buildings offers flexibility in programming of the spaces and provides an inter-connected layout of the various teaching spaces, moving away from the traditional silo approach of distinct schools and departments.

The design concept of the campus centre encourages collaboration and communication among faculty and students. It also serves as a multi-purpose space and provides a sense of identity to the campus.

The central plaza is the meeting point of the learning spine and the living spine of the campus.

The learning spine connects all the main academic and research buildings of the campus and is envisaged as a vibrant main street of the campus.

This main street will be lined with student activities and programs, retail and food & beverage outlets to create a vibrant learning street.

East Coast-International Design Centre  East Coast-Housing Connection  East Coast-Housing Connection

Interaction is not limited to school hours but spills into the residential areas on campus. Specially-designed interactive spaces, in the forms of pods and voids, dot the residential blocks. Students are free to use these spaces for discussions and recreation.

East Coast-Housing Connection  East Coast-Incubation Pod  East Coast-Sports Complex

Check out the East Coast Campus Flythrough video:

Campus Life

Fifth Row - hockeyThe connectivity at SUTD extends beyond its physical spaces. More importantly, is the positive impact these spaces and facilities have on human connectivity, which is further enhanced by the co-curricular activities (CCAs) and programmes.

Accorded the Fifth Row (in addition to the four academic modules), CCAs are an important aspect of the holistic education of our students. Since its inception, the University has been striving to provide students with opportunities to develop holistically, to their fullest potential, and to promote campus vibrancy.

One of these platforms is the support and guidance it provides to all the SUTD Clubs and Interest Groups. There are over 80 student groups on campus, ranging from the arts, sports and special interests.

Fifth Row - Ultimate  Fifth Row - Indian Dance  Fifth Row - Ensemble

Resident Mentors with studentsThe hostel living experience also complements the Fifth Row experience and the space has been designed to maximize interactions between students who study and play together.

The Residential Life Team (comprising Residential Life Coordinators, Resident Mentors and House Guardians) stays with the students and is focused on building engaged communities with a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Student Housing

Hostel - FacadeSUTD's student housing, named by the students, is part of the residential living programme designed for its Freshmore students to foster collaboration and interaction among them.

Residence is mandatory for all students in their first three terms (equivalent to one year); the experience is part of the delivery of SUTD's unique curriculum and pedagogy.

is derived from students' interpretation of different aspects of life at SUTD: The four academic subjects per term, the Fifth Row (co-curricular activities) and their stay at .

Hostel - students along the walkway between the blocks  Hostel - Two-bed hostel room  Hostel - students in a two-bed hostel room

of separation is an idea that everyone is six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth. At SUTD, everyone is connected like a family. of freedom describes the motion of a body of design in a three dimensional space. At , students will be given the freedom to pursue their dreams.
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