Campus Life & Student Housing
A campus built for interaction and collaboration

Dover Campus
The interim campus for the Singapore University of Technology and Design, at Dover Road, strives to foster SUTD's innovative curriculum through sensitive re-adaptation of a former technological institute. A series of faculty, academic, research and recreational spaces are woven together by open covered walkways which strive to encourage collaboration and interaction.

Dover-Central Courtyard  Dover-Student Terrace  Dover-Classroom

In the 'heart' of the campus, a lush tropical garden, 'The Oasis', takes centre-stage and is fronted by the Design Centre. This is a campus that has a strong sense of identity, one which supports a vibrant community and demonstrates a commitment to engaged learning and student development in a conducive, intimate and interactive environment.

Student Housing 
SUTD’s student housing, named by the students, is part of the residential living programme designed for its Freshmore students to foster collaboration and interaction among them. Residence is mandatory for all students in their first three terms (equivalent to one year); the experience is part of the delivery of SUTD’s unique curriculum and pedagogy.

of separation is an idea that everyone is six steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth. At SUTD, everyone is connected like a family. of freedom describes the motion of a body of design in a three dimensional space. At 6º, students will be given the freedom to pursue their dreams.

is derived from students’ interpretation of different aspects of life at SUTD: The four academic subjects per term, the Fifth Row (co-curricular activities) and their stay at .

Located next to the university campus at Dover Drive, the student accommodation is just a 3-minute walk out of the campus gate, so students will have unparalled ease of access to campus facilities and resources.

The accommodation is re-adapted from a block of 4-room public housing flats, which can house nine students in each unit of three bedrooms; three students per bedroom.

Students enrolled as campus builders have been involved in the accommodation planning with SUTD’s campus development team, since its conception. They have provided feedback on the layout of the unit, the colour schemes and interior furnishings. Students have also found the close proximity to the University helpful and the residential programme important to SUTD's unique curriculum and pedagogy.

SUTD Provost, Professor Chong Tow Chong, said: "The hostel not only offers our students a place to live, study and relax together, it will also give them an exclusive living experience that will equip them with life-long skills. We hope the 500 bright and resourceful students would seize the opportunity to interact, form friendships and bonds that will last throughout their SUTD journey and beyond. We also want to encourage them to express themselves, build a sense of identity and community, and hopefully spark off novel and original ideas, enabling them to realise their full potential in the process."

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Master Plan for Permanent Campus
To foster SUTD's innovative curriculum, the master plan for SUTD's permanent campus puts forth a bold and visionary road map for the campus environment. Multi-functional and interconnected academic buildings, anchored by the Design Center and woven together by an outdoor pedestrian network, will foster collaboration, invention and creativity. Student life facilities, housing and recreational buildings will be integrated in mixed-use precincts and connected through open spaces, plazas and covered canopies.

Sustainable design will also play a large role in campus development, through building orientation and green roofs, building systems, pedestrian and transit access, stormwater management and landscaping. The results will be a campus that has a strong sense of identity, supports a vibrant community and demonstrates a commitment to engaged learning and student development.

This Master Plan has been recognized with a prestigious design award from the Society of College and University Planning (SCUP). It received a 2011 Honor Award for Excellence in Planning.

East Coast-Masterplan

East Coast Campus
SUTD's permanent campus on the eastern side of Singapore will be ready by 2014.

East Coast-Ariel ViewBuilding on the vision set out in the Master Plan, the East Coast Campus will foster collaboration, invention and creativity by integrating student facilities, housing and recreational buildings with mixed-use precincts connected through open spaces and plazas.

The layout of the buildings offers flexibility in programming of the spaces and provides an inter-connected layout of the various teaching spaces, moving away from the traditional silo approach of distinct schools and departments. The design concept of the campus center encourages collaboration and communication among faculty and students. It also serves as a multi-purpose space and provides a sense of identity to the campus. The central plaza is the meeting point of the learning spine and the living spine of the campus. The learning spine connects all the main academic and research buildings of the campus and is envisaged as a vibrant main street of the campus. This main street will be lined with student activities and programs, retail and food & beverage outlets to create a vibrant learning street.

East Coast-International Design Centre  East Coast-Housing Connection  East Coast-Housing Connection

Interaction is not limited to school hours but spills into the residential areas on campus. Specially-designed interactive spaces, in the forms of pods and voids, dot the residential blocks. Students are free to use these spaces for discussions and recreation.

East Coast-Housing Connection  East Coast-Incubation Pod  East Coast-Sports Complex

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