Faculty and Staff Achievements

2022 ACM Distinguished Member – Prof Zhou Jianying

Professor Zhou Jianying (Information Systems Technology and Design), who is also co-centre director at iTrust, joins the list of 2022 ACM Distinguished Members.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), has named 67 Distinguished Members for significant contributions in 2022. These members were selected by their peers for work that has spurred innovation, enhanced computer science education, and moved the field forward. Members are honoured across three separate categories: educational, engineering, and scientific. Prof Zhou is the only Distinguished Member from Singapore on the list this year.

Prof Zhou’s research focus areas include Secure Computing, and Networked and Autonomous Systems.

Prof Tony Quek Conferred as ST Engineering Distinguished Professor

ST Engineering announced, on 1 December 2022, the inaugural ST Engineering Distinguished Professor awards. Professor Tony Quek, Head of Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) at SUTD, as well as Director of the Future Communications R&D Programme (FCP), is one of the four leading researchers conferred.

The ST Engineering Distinguished Professor awards is part of Research Translation @ ST Engineering, recognising researchers with outstanding contributions to the strategic goal of achieving impactful research translation in their respective domains.

Prof Quek, together with the other awardees, are among the 70 researchers under Research Translation @ ST Engineering who are currently engaged and working on 17 different translational research projects in the areas of Smart Traffic Management, Quantum Computing, Advanced Energy Technologies, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 5G and Future Communications, Advanced Cybersecurity Technologies, Digitalisation and Data Analytics, and Neuromorphic Computing.

IEEE Technical Community on the Internet 2022 Rising Star Award

Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD) Assistant Professor Xiong Zehui has been selected for the IEEE Technical Community on the Internet (TCI) 2022 Rising Star Award.

The TCI Rising Star Award gives recognition to an individual in the first 10 years of his or her career, for their high-impact technical contributions to the Internet research community.

Assistant Prof Xiong is currently Associate Director of the Future Communications R&D Programme. He is also an Honorary Adjunct Senior Research Scientist with Alibaba-NTU Singapore Joint Research Institute, Singapore. His research interests include wireless communications, Internet of Things, blockchain, edge intelligence, and Metaverse. Assistant Prof Xiong is also listed in the world’s top 2% scientists according to a database put together by Stanford University and Elsevier BV.

MND Medallion for Professor Cheong Koon Hean

Image credit: Ministry of National Development

Professor Cheong Koon Hean, Chair of the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities (LKYCIC) at SUTD, was presented the MND Medallion on 1 November 2022 by Ms Indranee Rajah, Minister, Prime Minister's Office, Second Minister for Finance and Second Minister for National Development.

The MND Medallion acknowledges individuals who have served and contributed significantly to the Ministry of National Development.

29% of SUTD Faculty Within Top 2% Scientists Globally

Almost a third of SUTD faculty have made it to the list of top 2% of scientists around the world according to the database by Stanford University and Elsevier BV in September 2022. With 6 additional faculty members joining the list, it has bumped up the percentage of SUTD faculty to 29% from the previous year of 24%. Their research fields include applied physics, artificial intelligence & image processing, and networking & telecommunications.

Since 2019, Stanford University and Elsevier BV have created a database of top-cited scientists for the purpose of providing standardised information on citations (including h-index, co-authorship adjusted hm-index, citations to papers in different authorship positions and a composite indicator). The database lists the world’s top 2% of scientists across 22 scientific fields and 176 sub-fields.

Single-year (2021) Impact
(In alphabetical order of last name)


Rank in field (without self-citations) &
Faculty Research Area

Ai, Ye

676 (0.7%)
Rank in 2020: 0.8%
Analytical Chemistry
Total in field: 101,089
Microfluidic bioanalytical technology for diagnostics and therapy

Ang, Ricky

2,464 (0.6%)
Rank in 2020: 1.1%
Applied Physics
Total in field: 380,123
Interface and device physics

Ang, Yee Sin

8,331 (2.2%)
Applied Physics
Total in field: 380,123
Physics and computational design of 2D semiconductor electronics

Blessing, Lucienne

20 (1.7%)
Rank in 2020: 1.5%
Design Practice & Management
Total in field: 1,174
Study of design practice and education, and of user experience

Cheong, Kang Hao

4,547 (0.8%)
Rank in 2020: 3.9%
Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Total in field: 546,033
Complex systems, evolutionary game theory, nonlinear dynamics in complex networks and AI/ML in medical and healthcare

Chong, Tow Chong

6,174 (1.6%)
Rank in 2020: 1.8%
Applied Physics
Total in field: 380,123
Pioneered research in strained-layer GaAs-on-Si optoelectronics devices as well as superlattice phase change memory and artificial cognitive memory.

Chua, Chee Kai

99 (0.0%)
Rank in 2020: 0.1%
Total in field: 315,721
3D printing or additive manufacturing

Duan, Lingjie

1,640 (0.9%)
Rank in 2020: 0.9%
Networking & Telecommunications
Total in field: 176,084
Network economics and optimisation

Lim, Kwan Hui

10,387 (1.9%)
Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Total in field: 546,033
AI and Data Science for Social and Urban Computing

Liu, Jun

2,538 (0.5%)
Rank in 2020: 0.9%
Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Total in field: 546,033
Computer vision and video analytics

Liu, Xiaogang

3,948 (1.9%)
Organic Chemistry
Total in field: 205,273
Molecular engineering of fluorophores and probes; computation-aided molecular designs

Lu, Wei

5,448 (1.0%)
Rank in 2020: 2.6%
Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Total in field: 546,033
Natural language processing

Luo, Jianxi

19 (1.6%)
Rank in 2020: 1.6%
Design Practice & Management
Total in field: 1,174
Engineering design innovation

Mathur, Aditya P.

4,044 (0.7%)
Rank in 2020: 0.1%
Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Total in field: 546,033
Design of secure and safe critical infrastructure

Mohan, R. E.

3,583 (4.3%)
Industrial Engineering & Automation
Total in field: 83,299
Reconfigurable Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Maintenance Robotics, Cleaning Robotics, Perception

Phoon, Kok Kwang

45 (0.1%)
Rank in 2020: 0.1%
Geological & Geomatics Engineering
Total in field: 58,101
Underground digital twin, risk and reliability of geo-structures

Poria, Soujanya

639 (0.1%)
Rank in 2020: 0.2%
Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Total in field: 546,033
Common sense-based AI models, empathetic and affective-aware dialogue systems, and multimodal deep learning

Quek, Tony Q.S.

546 (0.3%)
Rank in 2020: 0.3%
Networking & Telecommunications
Total in field: 176,084
Wireless communications and networking, network intelligence, big data processing, internet-of-things, URLLC, and wireless security

Simpson, Robert E.

5,143 (1.4%)
Applied Physics
Total in field: 380,123
Designing memory, sensor, display, and computing technologies through light-matter interactions

Tan, Dawn T.H.

1,179 (0.7%)
Rank in 2020: 1.2%
Optoelectronics & Photonics
Total in field: 158,872
The study of ultrafast optical phenomena and nonlinear integrated photonics

Wu, Ping

6,193 (1.6%)
Rank in 2020: 1.8%
Applied Physics
Total in field: 380,123
Materials chemistry modelling, water wetting, solar cells, and gas sensors

Xiong, Zehui

551 (0.3%)
Networking & Telecommunications
Total in field: 176,084
Resource allocation and orchestration for edge computing and Internet of Things

Yang, Shengyuan A.

470 (0.1%)
Rank in 2020: 0.7%
Applied Physics
Total in field: 380,123
Condensed matter physics

Yang, Hui Ying

935 (1.0%)
Rank in 2020: 1.8%
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Total in field: 90,797
Nanomaterials for energy and water applications

Yang, Joel K.W.

2,176 (2.4%)
Rank in 2020: 2.6%
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Total in field: 90,797
Nanophotonics, plasmonics and nanolithography

Yeo, Kiat Seng

1,115 (1.3%)
Rank in 2020: 1.1%
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Total in field: 82,803
Low-power integrated circuit design, RF/mm-wave

Yuen, Chau

357 (0.2%)
Rank in 2020: 0.3%
Networking & Telecommunications
Total in field: 176,084
Wireless communications, Internet-of-Things, smart grid

Zhou, Jianying

6,743 (1.2%)
Rank in 2020: 1.3%
Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing
Total in field: 546,033

EnterpriseSG-SSC/SAC Commendation Award 2022

Dr Teo Tee Hui was presented with the EnterpriseSG-SSC/SAC Commendation Award 2022 at the Quality & Standards Partners Appreciation Event held on 13 July 2022. This is in recognition of his contributions to the Singapore Standardisation Programme.

Presented by the Singapore Standards Council (SSC) and the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC), together with Enterprise Singapore, the Awards give recognition to the recipients’ commitment and contributions to Singapore’s standardisation and accreditation.

Dr Teo is currently senior lecturer with the Engineering Product Development (EPD) pillar, and is also affiliated to the Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT) cluster.

SG Mark for Nine SUTD Designs

(Photos from: https://sgmark.org/winners-2022/ & https://www.imagenecreative.com/monuments)

Nine SUTD designs were awarded the Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) 2022 - a benchmark of good design and quality, under the categories of Digital Solutions, Experience Design, Product and Sustainable Design.

The SG Mark celebrates the best of Singapore designs since its inception in 2013. Organised by Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS), the SG Mark’s overarching goal is to impact businesses, improve quality of life of different communities (individuals, corporations and countries) and influence culture.

90 designs out of more than 160 entries were awarded this year. The awards ceremony was held on 25 August at Jewel Changi Airport and attended by guest of honour Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment.

Digital Solutions


Experience Design

HappyUrns – Celebration Kit
SUTD Design Innovation Program
HappyUrns – Life in a Year Book
SUTD Design Innovation Program
Rediscover Our History Through 3D Printing
Imagene Creative Private Limited

Client: National Heritage Board of Singapore


BLASTER Better Localized Autonomous Scouring and Tethered Ejecting Rotorcraft
Singapore University of Technology & Design
Client: Spinoff Robotics
Design Innovation Methodology Handbook
SUTD Design Innovation Program
F-SAM Foldable Single Actuator Monocopter
Singapore University of Technology & Design
Client: Revolvix
Singapore University of Technology & Design
Client: Manas Robotics

Sustainable Design

The DB Schenker Upcycling Hub 
Carlos Bañon / Airlab SUTD
Client: DB Schenker

Professor Cheong Koon Hean Honoured with Key to the City of Newcastle

Professor Cheong Koon Hean, Chairperson of the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities, was honoured with the key to the City of Newcastle on 25 July 2022.

The award was presented by Lord Mayor Nuatali Helmes to Prof Cheong along with five other distinguished recipients including Dr Khaw Boon Wan (former Minister of National Development and Transport). The recipients, who are former Colombo Plan Scholars and graduates of the University of Newcastle, are recognised for their accomplishments, contribution and support to the connection between Singapore and the City of Newcastle.

Professor Yeo Kiat Seng Conferred the Singapore National Academy of Science (SNAS) Fellowship

Associate Provost (Research & International Relations) Yeo Kiat Seng has been elected as a Singapore National Academy of Science (SNAS) Fellow, for his pioneering work and leadership in RF/mm-wave integrated circuit design and the promotion of STEM education in Singapore. He is one of 14 distinguished scientists honoured at the fellowship presentation ceremony held on 5 August 2022 at the Science Centre Singapore.

Prof Yeo was listed among the top 2% scientists globally by Stanford University in 2020. He is also a Fellow of the Singapore Academy of Engineering (SAEng), a Fellow of Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence Association (AAIA) and a Fellow of IEEE.

The SNAS Fellowship was instituted to recognise outstanding individuals in Singapore who have distinguished themselves in the field of science and the inaugural fellowship exercise was conducted in 2011.

7 SUTD Recipients at National Day Awards 2022; SUTD Chairman Mr Lee Tzu Yang Conferred the Distinguished Service Order

For his contributions to the public service, education and the arts, Mr Lee Tzu Yang, chairman of the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) Board of Trustees (BoT), received the Distinguished Service Order at the National Day Awards 2022. The Distinguished Service Order is the highest accolade out of the 6,258 awards conferred this year.

Mr Lee has led the SUTD BoT since 2016. He is also chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC), the Esplanade and the Founders' Memorial Steering Committee.

Alongside Mr Lee, six other SUTD staff and faculty also received National Day Honours.

SUTD recipients of the National Day Awards 2022:

  • Distinguished Service Order – Mr Lee Tzu Yang, Chairman, SUTD Board of Trustees

  • Public Administration Medal (Bronze) – Associate Professor Samson Lim, Associate Head of Cluster (Academics), Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS)

  • Commendation Medal – Dr Teo Tee Hui, Senior Lecturer, Engineering Product Development

  • Commendation Medal Dr Kwan Wei Lek, Associate Head of Cluster (Undergraduate Programme & Outreach), Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT)

  • Commendation Medal Mr Bernard Tay Teck Ching, Deputy Director, Procurement, Office of Finance & Corporate Services

  • Efficiency Medal – Ms Chia Wai Foong, Executive Assistant, Office of President

  • Long Service Medal – Ms Shanty G Coomaraswamy, Assistant Director, Capstone, Office of Education

URA-REDAS SPARK Challenge Finallist

An SUTD team with their design concept ‘Symbiosis’ was one of five finallists at the URA-REDAS SPARK Challenge. The design was installed and exhibited in the Marina Central district in April 2022.

The team, comprising Engineering Product Development (EPD) Assistant Prof Pablo Valdivia, research assistant Aaron Chooi and PhD students Stalin Thileepan and Plamootil Mathai Aby Raj, is also part of the Bio-inspired Robotics & Design (BRD) Laboratory at SUTD. Inspired by the Lalang fields which surround the SUTD campus, the team created ‘Symbiosis’ - a tactile moving display that attempts to blend soft robotics and natural materials (Lalang grass) with our built environment.

Jointly organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and the Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore (REDAS), the third edition of the URA-REDAS SPARK Challenge was launched in October 2021 and called for submissions of innovative designs to enliven public spaces in mixed-use developments and shopping malls.

IEEE Signal Processing and Computing for Communications (SPCC) Best Paper Award

Assistant Professor Zehui Xiong, from the Information Systems Technology and Design pillar, has won the IEEE SPCC Best Paper Award for the paper ‘Collaborative coded computation offloading: An all-pay auction approach’. The paper is co-authored by J. S. Ng, W. Y. B. Lim, S. Garg, D. Niyato, M. Guizani, and C. Leung, and from the proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) in Montreal, June 2021.

The SPCC Best Paper Award is conferred by the SPCC Technical Committee and no more than one award is given per year. The paper must constitute an outstanding contribution to the technological advancement of signal processing and computing for communications.