Here are some of the accolades garnered by our students:

First Runner-Up at the SCDF Lifesavers' Innovation Challenge 2018

A team of SUTD students, comprising Bai Jialong, Adam Idris Lim Wei, and Lai Zheng Hui Carey, clinched the 1st runner-up award at the SCDF Lifesavers' Innovation Challenge 2018.

The trio participated with their invention, a low-cost device to monitor oxygen levels of firefighting personnel in real time to increase their safety. It can be challenging for firefighting personnel to have to monitor their own safety during dangerous search and rescue operations. Sensors in this device will collect data during training, which can then be used to set realistic oxygen management goals by each firefighter to improve operational efficiency.

Best Design Award at the Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Challenge 2018

Two student teams from SUTD participated in the Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Challenge 2018 held at Chiang Mai, Thailand, between 22 November and 24 November 2018. This year’s challenge mission is based on search and rescue tasks. The designed unmanned aerial system is required to survey location and injury severity of casualties, and deploy medical survival kit within 15 minutes.

A total of 18 international teams participated. One of our teams clinched the Best Design Award for their innovative modular tiltrotor design.

The SUTD teams comprise of:

  • Adam Haziq (EPD, Junior)
  • Malcom Neo (EPD, Sophomore)
  • Ryan Lim (EPD, Sophomore)
  • Glenn Chia (ISTD, Sophomore)
  • Kenneth Chow (EPD, Sophomore)
  • Christopher Sim (EPD, Sophomore)
  • Tan Jin Yuan (Freshmore)
  • Tan Weiheng (Freshmore)
  • Amos Sim (Freshmore)

Team SUTD @ National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition (NIARC) 2018 in Sydney

A team of SUTD students [Tan Chee How (PhD, SUTD Alumni), Emmanuel Tang (Senior), Kenneth Chow (Sophomore)] participated in NIARC held at the University Technology of Sydney (UTS) in Australia. The team finished fourth, in an international field of more than 16 teams, despite participating in their first competition. They also topped their qualifying group en-route to the final rounds.

NIARC, organized by National Instruments (NI), is an international autonomous robotics competition which required team robots to complete tasks such as going through hazardous terrain, bumps, avoiding obstacles all while optimising performance to maximise efficiency with the objective of earning the most points. 

IES Innovation Challenge

Graduate student, Subramanian Gowtham, won the Gold Award at the IES Innovation Challenge for the Community, for his rapid malaria detection device – a portable image-based cytometry for rapid malaria detection and quantification.

Singapore 3MT (3 Minutes Thesis) competition

PhD student John Chan You En won the first prize at the Singapore Finals of the 3MT (3 Minute Thesis) competition. He clinched one of two slots to represent Singapore at the Asia-Pacific 3MT Competition at University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. More information on 3MT website

Create4Good Challenge III

Team UGLYGOOD emerged as the winner for Create4Good Challenge III who walked away with a grand prize of $50,000. PiezoPlus clinched the 1st runner-up prize of $30,000 and the 2nd runner-up prize of $20,000 went to Sentience.