Here are some of the accolades garnered by our students:

  • Daniel Solomon Quake took part in Green Wave Environmental Care Competition 2013 and won the Commendation Award. His project was on Protection Against Air Pollution (with revolutionary infrastructure, "Air Buster" & smart ISCG Strategic Protection Scheme).

  • Some of our students took part in the Clean & Green Hackathon organised by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) from 8 to 10 November 2013.
    • Clean & Green First Prize Winner & StarHub Challenge Winner: Team RecycleBots (Michael Ong from SUTD, Keith Teo, Nicole Zhu and Tan Wei Hao)
    • Clean & Green Runner-Up: Team BotScan (Khor Zijian and Lisa Tjide from SUTD, and Issac Ting from TPJC)
  • Eugene Lim (Sophomore) won the 2nd Prize for the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) Kumpulan Akitek Prize For Video Competition 2013. Participants submitted videos to the theme of "What Is An Architect?".

  • Agrim Singh (SUTD), Tiong Wei Li (SUTD), Parag Bhatnagar (Yale-NUS), Daniel Ong (Stanford) and Ahmed Aqeel won the 1st prize at the 3-day E3 (Energy Efficiency for Everyone) Hackathon 2013, organised by UP Singapore and co-sponsored by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and Singapore Power. They made a mobile application called "Wish Lit" that allows users to determine how much energy to save in order to purchase an item they desire.

  • Three of our students (Kenneth Teo, Ni Zejun and Chew Wei-Liang) won the Second Prize in the "Trust Us, We Are Engineers" Young Engineers Competition (International Universities category) at the World Engineering Summit (WES) 2013. They are the only local university students who are among the first 3 teams in the competition. Their project title is Bio-Mechanical Active Energy System. (Kenneth Teo and Ni Zejun completed their internship at ST Kinetics.)

    Note: Ni Zejun was not available when the photo was taken.
  • Agrim Singh (SUTD) and Parag Bhatnagar (Yale-NUS) won the 'Best 24 Hour Hack' award and $5000 at the StartingUP 2013 #startartahon organised by Ideas Inc. They had to design a product that catered to certain scenarios highlighted for the year 2020 within 24 hours. Their team came up with a product that dealt with cyber-addiction through a software.

  • Leong Hei Kern was awarded a Public Service Commission (PSC) scholarship to pursue Engineering in SUTD in 2015 after he completes his National Service.
  • International Design Contest (IDC) Robocon 2013: Ann Wee Honghui was part of the Red team which won the First Prize.

  • Lina Fong, Leon Cher, Lau Jiehao and Amaryllis Seah won the 3 prizes in the Covered Walkway and Bus Stop Shelter Design Competition for Changi Business Park 2013.
    1st Prize ($2000): Lina Fong Mingli
    Merit Award ($500 each): Leon Cher & Lau Jiehao, Amaryllis Seah
  • Kabincalan R Parthiban and Daniel Solomon Quake Kwang Yang won the 2 prizes in the NASA-SUTD Space Shuttle Design Challenge.
    Prize for Rapid Ideation (Phase I, $500): Kabincalan R Parthiban
    Prize for Innovative Design (Phase II, $1500): Daniel Solomon Quake Kwang Yang

  • Our SUTD team has won multiple awards at the 2013 Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition. The team consists of Jaron Lee, Lee Wei Jian, Jabez Leong, Alex Tan and Yee Zheng Kang.

  • 2 SUTD teams clinched 2nd and 3rd places as well as the Most Popular Award in the HDB Cool Ideas for Better Living competition.
    2nd place & Most Popular Award: Team WITS - Daniel Quake, Ian Ho, Ting Shou Heng and Aye Myat Khine Win.
    3rd place: Team Drumlets - Kenneth Cheah, Keith Tan and Timothy Lum.

  • 12 students (Ao Chinwen, Chee Huiying,Chiew Jia En, Ho Wei Sze, Kee Bei Jia, Lim Jia Xuan, Grace Ng, Amaryllis Seah, Elizabeth Seto, Judaxil Soh, Trieu Mong Nhu and Jared Ying) developed the design concept for the Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-up 2013

  • SUTD students' contribution to the design of Shebrews cafe. Students involved are Chia Zhongying, Terence Chew and Eileen Lim Yan Ling.

    By: Ms Florence Lee, owner of newly set-up social enterprise café, Shebrews

    "These three 'angels of SUTD' have been most helpful in... giving their time and effort to making the design of our cafe a success. Even though they didn't have any prior design experience and in recent weeks, had to sacrifice sleep and personal recreational time, they remained enthusiastic, uncomplaining and extremely diligent in carrying out the tasks we asked them to help with. ...I am most impressed with the resourcefulness, problem-solving abilities, endurance and composure... demonstrated... they had to contend with numerous assignments, tests, projects and insufficient sleep, they never failed to turn up punctually for meetings and work appointments; and always with a positive and cheerful spirit," wrote Florence in appreciation of the SUTD students' contribution to the design of her cafe.

    "What really encouraged a disillusioned and cynical ex-teacher like me was... to see them contribute so willingly without even asking for any monetary returns except for the joy of trying out new things and applying classroom or theoretical knowledge to solving real world problems... this is what all teachers delight to see in their students."
  • Liu Junhua was awarded the IT Youth Award 2013.


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