ZJU Collaboration Updates & News - 2017

Signing of Master Agreement for Establishment of SUTD-ZJU IDEA Joint Centre

The Master Agreement for Establishment of SUTD-ZJU Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Alliance (IDEA) Joint Centre was signed on 30 November 2017 by SUTD Provost Prof Chong Tow Chong and ZJU Executive Vice President Prof Song Yong Hua.

(L-R) SUTD Provost Prof Chong Tow Chong and ZJU Executive Vice President Prof Song Yong Hua signing the agreement.


Visit by the Alibaba User Experience Design Team to SUTD

The Alibaba User Experience Design (UED) team led by Mr Yang Guang, Chair, Alibaba UED Committee & Senior Director, UED Division of Alibaba Consumer Business Group visited SUTD on 24 November 2017. SUTD-ZJU IDEA was one of the host parties from SUTD. The Alibaba UED team and SUTD management and faculty had a fruitful discussion on potential collaborations.

Alibaba UED team with SUTD management and faculty.
The Alibaba UED team also conducted a Design Day @ SUTD workshop for undergraduate students. The objective was to reach out to outstanding students who have relevant experience in Design, major in Design, and/or have a keen interest in Design, as part of UED's recruitment effort. Over 40 undergraduate students attended this workshop, with the majority from SUTD. NTU students majoring in Design were also invited to attend the workshop.

Alibaba UED team with students at the workshop.

Outcome of SUTD-ZJU IDEA Seed Grant 2017

SUTD-ZJU IDEA newly launched a seed grant call in October 2017 to facilitate the establishment of new research collaborations and reinforce the established research connections with ZJU. The SUTD-ZJU Seed Grant funds each project with S$10k for one year. A total of five projects were awarded in the Call for Proposal 2017 under the SUTD-ZJU IDEA Seed Grant.

List of projects awarded:

PI and Collaborator Project Title
SUTD PI: Prof Ricky ANG
Engineering Product Development

ZJU Collaborator: Prof LI Er Ping
Simulation and modelling of 2D-materials based nanostructures
SUTD PI: Assistant Prof Mohan Rajesh ELARA
Engineering Product Development

ZJU Collaborator: Dr JIANG Hao
International Design Institute
A nature-inspired design approach to representing interceptive signatures in service robots
SUTD PI: Assistant Prof LU Wei
Information Systems Technology and Design

ZJU Collaborator: Prof LI Xi
College of Computer Science and Technology
Data analytics for image and text
SUTD PI: Associate Prof YANG Hui Ying
Engineering Product Development

ZJU Collaborator: Prof ZHAO Xinbing
School of Materials Science and Engineering
3D hierarchical defect-rich NiMo3S4 heterosheet arrays on carbon textiles as anodes for high-performance Sodium Ion batteries
SUTD PI: Assistant Prof Felix RASPALL
Architecture and Sustainable Design

ZJU Collaborator: Dr JIANG Hao
International Design Institute
Advanced Bamboo Structures using 3D-printed Components


International Doctoral Students Conference (DSC) in Hangzhou, China

To commemorate Zhejiang University’s 120th anniversary, Zhejiang University (ZJU) hosted an International Doctoral Students Conference (DSC) from 22 to 25 May 2017 in Hangzhou, China. The theme of the conference was 'Communications, Inspirations, Innovations and Common Progress: Opportunities and Challenges arise from Global Technological Revolution'.

ZJU launched a call for papers to invite SUTD PhD students to submit papers relating to the conference theme, and upon selection, to present the paper at the conference. A total of 42 research papers were submitted and six were selected.
SUTD-ZJU IDEA and ZJU jointly provided funding support to the selected SUTD PhD students to present their papers at DSC 2017. SUTD PhD student Subramanian Gowtham received an award in the excellent oral presentation category for his research paper: Synthesis and in Vitro Evaluation of Hydrazinyl Phthalazines against Malaria Parasite, Plsmodium Falciparum.  

List of selected SUTD PhD students and their research paper:

SUTD PhD Students Research Paper Title
Liu Rui Simultaneous Low-rank Component  and Graph Estimation for High-dimensional Graph Signals: Application to Brain Imaging
Duraisamy Shriram Evaluating the Effects of Valgus Knee Braces on Lateral Tibial Cartilage Contact Mechanics
Subramanian Gowtham Synthesis and in Vitro Evaluation of Hydrazinyl Phthalazines against Malaria Parasite, Plasmodium falciparum
Alok Ranjan CAFM Based Spectroscopy of Stress-Induced Defects in HfO2 with Experimental Evidence of the Clustering Model and Metastable Vacancy Defect State
Liang Shijun Thermionic Energy Conversion Based on Two-dimensional Materials
He Yuejun Challenges of Design Novelty to Product Development and Manufacturing: A Case Study of a Startup Product


SUTD Joins as Academic Member in the OpenFog Consortium

SUTD has joined the OpenFog Consortium as an academic member. Artificial Intelligence, as one of the focus areas of this consortium, is aligned with the themes of SUTD-ZJU IDEA joint programmes, Internet Intelligence and Design Intelligence.

The OpenFog Consortium is a public-private ecosystem formed to accelerate the adoption of fog computing in order to solve the bandwidth, latency and communications challenges associated with the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, the Tactile Internet and other advanced concepts in the digitised world. It was founded by ARM, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Microsoft and Princeton University Edge Computing Laboratory in November 2015.

Associate Professor Tony Quek, Deputy Director of SUTD-ZJU IDEA, attended the opening ceremony held at ShanghaiTech University in Shanghai on 24 March 2017. SUTD’s presence in the OpenFog Consortium will help enhance its visibility and SUTD-ZJU IDEA’s research in the area of Artificial Intelligence. 

Alibaba UCAN Design Conference

SUTD was invited by the Alibaba UED Group to participate in the Alibaba UCAN Design Conference from 28 to 29 April 2017. The venue of the conference was the Alibaba Headquarters located in Hangzhou, China.

The theme for the Conference was 'NEO Design, NEO Business'. New technologies, new resources, new retail channels, new manufacturing methods and new finance are necessary to build a ‘new business’. In the context of this new business, design transforms and recreates itself and evolves into a new design. This new design in turns helps to promote the evolvement of the development of 'new businesses'.

SUTD-ZJU IDEA sponsored Associate Professor Tony Quek and Assistant Professor Yeung Sai-Kit, who are both from the Information Systems Technology and Design pillar, to attended UCAN 2017.