ZJU Collaboration Updates & News - 2019

Outcome of Call for Proposal 2019 for SUTD-ZJU IDEA Seed Grant

Six projects were awarded in the Call for Proposal (CFP) 2019 for the SUTD-ZJU IDEA Seed Grant. The funding quantum remains up to S$10k per project and the funding period will be from 1 January to 31 December 2020.

List of projects:

PI and Collaborator Project Title
SUTD PI: Associate Prof Binbin Chen
Information Systems Technology and Design

ZJU Collaborator: Associate Prof Zhang Fan
College of Computer Science and Technology
Automatic attack suite generation for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) using code-coverage-assisted learning and fuzzing
SUTD PI: Assistant Prof Cheong Kang Hao
Science and Math

ZJU Collaborator: Prof Chang Jie
College of Life Science
Paradoxical cooperative games in traffic network simulation
SUTD PI: Assistant Prof Huang Shaoying
Engineering Product Development

ZJU Collaborator: Prof Li Erping
Developing self-sensing conductive patterns on knitted textile
SUTD PI: Assistant Prof Immanuel Koh
Architecture and Sustainable Design

ZJU Collaborator: Prof Sun Lingyun
International Design Institute, ZJU
Sketching with deep neural networks: Optimizing design ideation
SUTD PI: Associate Prof Robert E. Simpson
Engineering Product Development

ZJU Collaborator: Prof Chen Hongsheng
College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering
Investigate the properties of rotated hyperbolic metamaterials
SUTD PI: Associate Prof Tony Quek
Information Systems Technology and Design

ZJU Collaborator: Prof An Liu
College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering
Distributed learning over unreliable networks


Visit by the students from Chu Kochen Honors College, Zhejiang University

The undergraduate students from Chu Kochen Honors College are all selected top students from all around China who had impressive performances in their National College Entrance Examination. The college adopts an open and circulating system in which outstanding students from other colleges in Zhejiang University get the chance to join, while students may also choose to leave. After finishing the special training project, students in Chu Kochen Honors College will receive honors certificates in addition to diplomas.

The Chu Kochen Honors College delegation led by Associate Prof Zhu Shaopeng, Associate Prof Zhao Junyang and Lecturer Mr Lin Binbin visited SUTD on 8 November 2019. The delegation comprised 22 undergraduate and 5 graduate students.

Prof Ricky Ang, Head of Science and Math, together with other Science and Math faculty members including Associate Prof Dario Poletti, Assistant Prof Cheong Kang Hao, Assistant Prof Yang Shengyuan and Lecturer Dr Ang Yee Sin hosted the delegation and introduced their research respectively. The students from Chu Kochen Honors College acquired better understanding of SUTD in terms of its unique pedagogy, teaching infrastructure and postgraduate programmes, with some of them expressing interests in the PhD programmes at SUTD.

AIRMESH at Gardens by the Bay

An architectural structure named AIRMESH was introduced to the industry and design community in September 2019 at the Gardens by the Bay. The grand opening and exhibition for the AIRMESH demonstrated the outcome of a two-year research collaboration between SUTD and ZJU in 3D printing architecture. Assistant Professor Carlos Banon from the Architecture and Sustainable Design pillar of SUTD is the principal investigator of the collaboration. Three ZJU students helped assemble the structure and attended this event.

Evening view of AIRMESH

AIRMESH is a first-in-the-world fully functional space frame structure using stainless-steel 3D printed components. Space frames are structures that can be used to span large areas with few interior supports. AIRMESH is inspired by a fusion of a traditional lantern and the intricacy of a neural network.

SUTD-ZJU IDEA, as one of the sponsors, supported the event to showcase the research collaboration outcome between SUTD and ZJU.

Design Intelligence Award 2019

The submission titled ‘Tetro: A reconfigurable module staircase cleaning robot’, by the SUTD team led by Assistant Prof Mohan Rajesh Elara from Engineering Product Development, won the Honorable Mention Award at the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) 2019. SUTD-ZJU IDEA sponsored the team representative to attend the grand final and award ceremony in Hangzhou in September 2019.

The Design Intelligence Award (DIA) was founded in 2015, hosted by the China Academy of Art, co-hosted by the China Industrial Design Association and supported by the Zhejiang Province Government. DIA is not only the first academic award on industrial design in China, but also a platform for designers and experts in design, technology, commerce, media and other fields to make the future design better, attracting over 12,951 entries from 52 countries and regions over three years.

SUTD-ZJU IDEA actively encourages the SUTD community to participate in this event, as a platform for faculty and students to showcase their innovative ideas and technologies in the context of China and to have exposure in the Chinese innovation ecosystem.

Research officer (EPD), Ms Shi Yuyao, representing the team at DIA 2019.

Ms Shi Yuyao together with the awarded prototype at the exhibition.

The International Conference on Technology and Design 2019

The International Conference on Technology and Design (ICTD) 2019 was held in Hangzhou, China on 25 and 26 April 2019. The conference was co-organized by Zhejiang University (ZJU) and the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) to leverage on the strengths in frontier technologies and design of both universities and create a platform for mutual communication and discussion on the professional insights, experiences and best practices relating to technology and design. 30 invited scholars, experts and industry leaders from 11 countries and regions globally gave speeches at the conference.

 ZJU President Wu Zhaohui and SUTD President Prof Chong Tow Chong, with other guests at the ICTD 2019.

The SUTD delegation was led by SUTD President Professor Chong Two Chong, and comprised Prof Pey Kin Leong, Associate Provost, Undergraduate Studies and SUTD Academy, Prof Kristin Wood, Co-Director, SUTD-MIT IDC, Prof Ricky Ang, Head, Science and Math and Director, SUTD-ZJU IDEA, and Mr Feng Yang, Manager, SUTD-ZJU IDEA.

 SUTD President Prof Chong Tow Chong giving the welcome address.

Prof Ricky Ang (second from left) at the panel discussion.

(L-R) Prof Pey Kin Leong giving a speech on SUTD’s unique pedagogy and Prof Kristin Wood introducing the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre.

Visiting undergraduate students from Zhejiang University to conduct short-term research at SUTD

In July 2019, with the facilitation of SUTD-ZJU IDEA, SUTD hosted six undergraduate students from Zhejiang University to conduct short-term research. The typical duration of visit is three months in summer (July – September). The selected ZJU visiting students are from the College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering, the College of Control Science and Engineering and the School of Mechanical Engineering.

This scheme opens an opportunity for ZJU undergraduates to gain research experience in SUTD.

Visit by postgraduate students from Zhejiang University

SUTD-ZJU IDEA hosted 20 postgraduate students and 2 staff from 12 different engineering colleges and schools of Zhejiang University (ZJU) on 21 January 2019. Prof Ricky Ang, Head of Science and Math, Acting Head of Engineering Product Development (EPD) and Director of SUTD-ZJU IDEA introduced SUTD’s general research strength and focus areas. Prof Lim Sun Sun, Head of Humanity, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) shared about the edge of HASS at SUTD in terms of academic programmes and research thrust.

Gift exchange between Prof Ricky Ang (SUTD) and Prof Jiang Quanyuan (ZJU).

A research networking session between the ZJU postgraduates and SUTD postgraduates was conducted in the afternoon. The representatives of both universities shared their research topics and progress.

The ZJU delegation were also led on a campus tour and visited SUTD’s research centres including DManD, iTrust and Entrepreneurship Centre.