ZJU Collaboration Updates & News - 2020

Sponsoring SUTD Student Research Internship

In order to create more internship opportunities for SUTD undergraduate students during the COVID-19 period, SUTD-ZJU IDEA provided sponsorships to support students who were engaged in research internships under the projects funded by SUTD-ZJU IDEA research grants this year.

A total of 16 SUTD undergraduates (4 from the Engineering Product Development pillar, 5 from the Information Systems Technology and Design pillar, and 7 from the Engineering Systems Design pillar). under the supervision of 6 SUTD faculty members, were given internship stipends of S$800 per month respectively for 16 weeks, from 18 May to 4 September 2020.

AIRMESH - Winner of Singapore Good Design 2020

SUTD-ZJU IDEA sponsored the AIRMESH in its participation at the SG Mark 2020. AIRMESH is an architectural structure which is the world’s first fully-functional space frame structure made of 3D printed components in stainless steel, designed and built by Assistant Professor Carlos Banon (Architecture and Sustainable Design pillar) and his team.

The entirely digitally-designed and fabricated structure not only reduces construction wastage, but also improves structural efficiency, which creates a positive impact on sustainability. AIRMESH was previously showcased at Gardens by The Bay during the Chinese Lantern Festival in 2019.

AIRMESH displayed at Gardens by The Bay

The Singapore Good Design (SG Mark) was launched by the Design Business Chamber Singapore (DBCS) in 2013 in partnership with the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) that founded the prestigious Good Mark. SG Mark was established to set the benchmark for exceptional design quality that impacts businesses and communities in Singapore and beyond. There are 6 standard categories in 2020, namely product, architecture, interior design, experience design, digital solution and branding, and one special category, sustainable design.
As one of the winners in the SG Mark 2020, the success of AIRMESH is largely attributed to the research outcome of a project funded by SUTD-ZJU IDEA Grant in collaboration with ZJU faculty and students. They are Associate Professor Tao Jiang, College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, ZJU who is the co-PI of the project, as well as students Liu Chi, Huang Kunsheng, Tao Jian and Luo Qihuan, who contributed in designing and assembling the structure.

Outcome of Call for Proposal 2019 for the SUTD-ZJU IDEA Visiting Professor Grant

The Call for Proposal (CFP) 2019 for SUTD-ZJU IDEA Visiting Professor Grant largely remained the same grant framework as CFP 2018. In order to increase the flexibility for better fund usage, the funding items were extended to cover other operating expenses including research consumables. Besides, PIs were allowed to change for different ZJU visiting professors at the end of Year 1 and/or Year 2.

Six projects were successfully awarded for CFP 2019 and the funding period will be from April 2020 to March 2023.

List of projects awarded:

PI and Visiting Professor Project Title
SUTD PI: Prof Pey Kin Leong
Engineering Product Development
ZJU Visiting Prof: Prof Dong Shurong
College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering
Reliability and Failure Analysis of RRAM and FinFET devices for Neuromorphic Computing Architecture Applications
SUTD PI: Assistant Prof Xiaogang Liu
Science, Mathematics and Technology
ZJU Visiting Prof: Associate Prof Xin Li
College of Pharmaceutical Science
Design of ONOO- Fluorescent Probes for Biosensing and Bioimaging to Investigate the Brain Ischemia
SUTD PI: Assistant Prof Cheong Kang Hao
Science, Mathematics and Technology
ZJU Visiting Prof: Prof Chang Jie
College of Life Sciences, Research Center for Sustainable Development, The Center for Climate Change Law, Institute of Ecology
Exploring the Paradoxical Parrondo Effect in City Planning
SUTD PI: Associate Prof Binbin Chen
Information Systems Technology and Design
ZJU Visiting Prof: Associate Prof Fan Zhang
College of Computer Science and Technology
A defence framework for ICS using learning and hardware-based attestations
SUTD PI: Assistant Prof Desmond Loke
Science, Mathematics and Technology
ZJU Visiting Prof: Prof Shen Haibin
College of Information Science and Electronic Engineering
Ultrafast ordered three-dimensional nanomaterial development and circuit integration of in-memory logic system, and with further AIMD simulation (RAPID)
SUTD PI: Assistant Prof Huang Shaoying
Engineering Product Development
ZJU Visiting Prof: Prof Chen Hongsheng
State Key Laboratory of Modern Optical Instrumentation, The Electromagnetics Academy at ZJU, College of Information Science & Electronic Engineering
Artificial Intelligence (AI) - enabled and Origami-Based Reconfigurable Metamaterials/metasurface for
Tunable Electromagnetic Properties

The International Conference on Technology and Design (ICTD) 2020

The International Conference on Technology and Design (ICTD) is a joint effort between SUTD and ZJU. The objective of ICTD is to congregate world renowned higher education institutions and leading industry organisations to discuss the current situation, challenges and advancements relating to the rapid emergence and fusion of technology and design. The inaugural International Conference on Technology and Design (ICTD 2019) was held at Zhejiang University with a great success. This conference was held in the context of technology and design becoming an important engine that continuously drives innovations to enable our society’s prosperity and well-being.

The 2nd International Conference on Technology and Design (ICTD 2020) was held in Singapore from January 14 to 15, 2020 in conjunction with the 8th SUTD-MIT IDC Design Summit. The theme of ICTD 2020 is Innovation, Design and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Senior Minister of State (Trade and Industry and Education) Chee Hong Tat, as the Guest of Honour, delivered the opening address on 14 January.

Prof Chong Tow Chong, President of SUTD, Chair of ICTD 2020; Prof He Lianzhen, Vice President of Zhejiang University; Senior Minister of State Mr Chee Hong Tat (Trade and Industry and Education), Guest of Honour; Prof Lucienne Blessing, Co-director of SUTD-MIT IDC.

During the 2-day conference, 24 scholars and experts from 7 countries delivered theme-specific talks and also shared their industry insights and experiences in three theme-specific panel sessions on Design, AI-for-X, and R&D and Trend.

Panel discussion on Design. (L-R) Prof Luo Shijian, Zhejiang University, Prof Katja Hölttä-Otto, Aalto University, Prof Daniel Jackson, MIT, Prof Han Ting, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Prof Chang-Fu Kuo, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.

Panel discussion on R&D and Trend. (L-R) Prof Yeo Kiat Seng (moderator), SUTD, Prof Sun-Yuan Hsieh, National Cheng Kung University, George Loh, National Research Foundation, Dr Lim Keng Hui, Institute of High Performance Computing, David Tan, ST Engineering (Electronics), Prof John Gero, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Panel discussion on AI-for-X (L-R) Prof Tony Quek (moderator), SUTD, Prof Li Erping, Zhejiang University, Dr Tan Teck Jack, TeleMedC Group & Northeast Medical Group, Prof Miho Mazereeuw, MIT, Er Dr Johnny Wong, HDB, Dr James Ong, Artificial Intelligence Industrial Institute.

ICTD 2020 turned out to be a thought-provoking event that has led to new insights, exciting ideas and inspiring collaborations between disciplines. The speakers with various backgrounds shared their work and vision on innovation, design and artificial intelligence. Looking forward, ICTD will continue to bridge different disciplines and stakeholders and dedicate to raising the research, education and practice of technology and design to a new level.

Group photo. (L-R) Prof Lim Seh Chun (Interim Provost of SUTD), Prof Yeo Kiat Seng (Associate Provost, Research and International Relations, SUTD), Prof Lucienne Blessing, Prof He Lianzhen, Prof John Gero (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), Senior Minister of State Mr Chee Hong Tat, Prof Chong Tow Chong, Prof Chris Magee (Co-director, SUTD-MIT IDC).