Professor Chua Chee Kai
Associate Provost, Research
Cheng Tsang Man Chair Professor

Chua Chee Kai is the Associate Provost for Research at SUTD. He was the Head of Pillar for Engineering Product Development from 2019 to 2022. Prior to SUTD, he was a professor at the Nanyang Technological University for almost 3 decades, serving as Head of Division (1999-2008) and Chair (2011-2014) at the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Executive Director of the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing (2014-2019). For his service, he was awarded The Public Administration Medal (Silver) by the President of Singapore in 2014.

At SUTD, Chee Kai is also the Chair Professor for the Cheng Tsang Man Professorship where he hopes to advance both education and research for the Engineering Product Development pillar. He would like to prepare graduates for the ever-changing world and to undertake impactful research that is relevant to Singapore.

Chee Kai, a Fellow of the Singapore Academy of Engineers, is an active contributor to the Additive Manufacturing (AM or 3D Printing) field for over 34 years, where his re-design of AM processes for innovative devices such as tissue engineering scaffolds are highly regarded by the scientific community. He is now active in 3D printing of electronics, food, metals and polymers. He won the prestigious International Freeform and Additive Manufacturing Excellence (FAME) Award in 2018. He is also a Highly Cited Researcher™ in 2022 and 2023 (Clarivate), and the most published scientist in "Rapid Prototyping / Additive Manufacturing" (3D Printing) according to the Web of Science. As at 2024, he has contributed more than 500 journal and conference papers, books, book chapters and patents, generating more than 27,000 citations, and co-authored six books including "3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing: Principles and Applications (5th edition)", "Bioprinting: Principles and Applications", "Lasers in 3D Printing and Manufacturing", and "Digital Gastronomy". In addition, he is the chief editor of "Virtual and Physical Prototyping", as well as the chief editor of International Journal of Bioprinting.