Upcycling Fun: Folding Origami Sculptures @ South Beach

03 Sep 2022 10.00AM - 12.30PM South Beach (Esplanade MRT)

Brought to you by the SUTD - Women x Tech & Design series

Here’s your chance to learn about upcycling by using origami techniques to fold waste and recyclable material into large 3-dimensional sculptures, and also stand a chance to win Grab Food vouchers! At the same time, find out how 40% of SUTD students are promising women visionaries who wield the power to better the world. 

What to Expect

When discussing sustainability, we often think about recycling. However, people and businesses today are increasingly looking towards upcycling waste instead of just reusing it. This alternative approach involves transforming waste into products that are more valuable in the end.

In this workshop, we will create large, folded sculptures out of discarded and recyclable sheet material. You will learn more about origami, which beyond being simply a fun hobby, embodies deeper geometric and physical principles that are applicable to Architecture and Engineering. Participants will also be introduced to origami software and learn how to fold flat patterns into interesting forms. 

In collaboration with South Beach, this guided workshop by faculty and students from our Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD) programme will give you a a glimpse of how an education is like at SUTD, where learning takes place through fun and hands-on experiences enabled by technology. 

What’s more - participants will get an opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded peers to create folded sculptures that will be displayed publicly at South Beach!

About the Instructor

Jason Lim 

Lecturer, ASD

Jason is a Lecturer at SUTD and founder of Yume Architects. He has dedicated his academic and professional life to exploring the intersection of design and technology—notably in robotic fabrication, algorithmic design, and augmented reality—in search of new unimagined possibilities. He is a deeply committed and experienced educator who wants to bridge the gap between academia and practice.
Jason completed his doctoral dissertation at the Gramazio Kohler Research unit in the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich. Prior to that, he graduated with a Master of Engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology, as well as a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University. He is a recipient of the prestigious American Institute of Architects (AIA) Henry Adams merit prize that is awarded for academic distinction.




10 to 10.30AM Intro to origami upcycling and SUTD
10.30 to 11.15AM Introductory origami folding exercise
11.15 to 11.45AM Collaborate in teams to assemble origami sculpture
11.45AM to 12.15PM Mini contest and photo-taking
12.15PM to 12.30PM Feedback and closing


Registration is closed.

For enquiries and collaborations, please contact samuel_seah@sutd.edu.sg