International Pharma Logistics Masterclass: Where Business Meets Academics

04 Sep 2023 - 08 Sep 2023 Full day SUTD, 8 Somapah Road, Singapore 487372

Where Business Meets Academics

SUTD partners Pharma.Aero and University of Antwerp to deliver and host the International Pharma Logistics Masterclass 2023.

What is the International Pharma Logistics Masterclass?
This 5-day programme creates a special opportunity for industry professionals to gain more in-depth knowledge, as well as for academics and PhD students to obtain advanced insights into how pharmaceutical supply chains are organised and logistical processes are optimised through applied technology for the pharma and life science sector. In its third edition, this year's Masterclass has the tagline 'Where Business Meets Academics'. 

Event Details

The 5-day programme starts on 4 September and conludes on 8 September. 

  • Day 1 starts at 12PM
  • Day 5 ends at 3PM

Venue: Singapore University of Technology and Design (Getting to SUTD)

SUTD at the Masterclass

Our faculty participate as programme speakers:

Day 1 - Emulsions or solutions: how collaboration creates the fuel to supply chain innovation

The Asean supply chain: an aromatic recipe of growth, learning and resilience 

Jamie Bloomfield

Mr Jamie Bloomfield
Lead (Translational Research and Industry Engagement), Aviation Studies Institute

Day 2 - Strategy to accommodate new technology: embedded company leadership will carve the future or end of today's companies

Assoc Prof Lynette Cheah, Acting Head of Pillar for Engineering Systems and Design, is the co-chair for Day 2.

Inside the data world: digital design and manufacturing


Additive manufacturing (AM) is transforming how products are designed, produced, and serviced

Pablo Valdivia

Assoc Prof Pablo Valdivia y Alvarado
Director, Digital Manufacturing and Design Centre (DManD)

Day 3 - The world 2.0: the new technology translation through industry cross pollination

Fly small but with accurate precision: how drones reshape the future healthcare logistics landscape 

Foong Shaohui

Assoc Prof Foong Shaohui
Associate Head of Pillar, Engineering Product Development, & Co-Director, Dyson-SUTD Innovation Studios

Day 4 - Ecosystems under the sustainability microscope

The pharmacy at your door: new sharing economy mechanisms for urban parcel deliveries

Duan Lingjie

Assoc Prof Duan Lingjie
Associate Head of Pillar (Research), Engineering Systems and Design

Pandemic response: efficient and effective large-scale vaccine distribution

Peter Jackson

Prof Peter Jackson
Director, Aviation Studies Institute

Day 5 - Academic and business collaboration as the bedrock for a sustainable future

Decarbonising road freight transport

Lynette Cheah

Assoc Prof Lynette Cheah
Acting Head of Pillar, Engineering Systems and Design

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Partipants can expect to:

  • Gain in-depth knowledge about pharmaceuticals and vaccine production, storage, and handling conditions.

  • Get a deeper insight into pharma supply chains and related logistical costs.

  • Identify economic and operational challenges in air and maritime transport of pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

  • Obtain further knowledge about the last-mile pharmaceutical distribution.

  • Identify the specific challenges in European, American and Asian pharma logistics.

  • Share best practices and lessons learned from industry experience.

Why should I attend? Highlights of the event
  1. Academic theory combined with operational and strategic decision making. 

The Pharma Logistics Masterclass covers a variety of topics. Themes vary from basic to in-depth knowledge around live science markets - production, storage and handling of pharmaceuticals and vaccines - economic and operational challenges. Renowned speakers from the academic community and the pharma sector highlight topics such as pharma logistics knowledge, role of hinterland, maritime and air freight transport in pharma supply chains, pharma logistics costs, last mile strategies, pharma communities, etc.

  1. Sharing of knowledge and experiences on the edge of business and academia.

Pharma logistics experts – academics and high-level practitioners – discuss everything that academics or PhD students in pharma logistics teaching and research as well as (aspiring) professionals need to know.

  1. Informal networking.

You will have the opportunity to connect and interact with fellow professionals and academics in a casual and informal environment during our networking breaks. The event is set in Singapore, specifically at SUTD, offering a dynamic location that encourages the building of valuable relationships and collaborations.

Who should attend?

The Pharma Logistics Masterclass is designed for professionals, academics, and PhD students who have a vested interest in the critical aspects of pharma logistics. This event caters to seasoned industry professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge and stay abreast of the latest developments. It also offers a unique opportunity for academics and PhD students to gain advanced insights into the organisation of pharmaceutical supply chains and explore scientific methodologies for optimising logistics processes in the pharma and life sciences sector. Additionally, attendees can take advantage of numerous networking opportunities available during and between the sessions, fostering valuable connections within the industry.