Condensations @ Singapore International Water Week 2024

19 Jun 2024 - 23 Jun 2024 10AM to 5PM Marina Bay Sands (Exhibition and Panel Discussion) and SUTD (Workshop)

SUTD and the Center for Climate Adaptation (CCA) are hosting a three-part event within the framework of the Singapore International Water Week 2024.

Layered upon one another, "Condensations" is entirely a public event that examines how (de)sign and the built environment intersect with issues of permanent climate change and strategies of adaptation.

The three-part event - exhibition, panel presentations and workshop - focuses on the role integrative design can have in holistically addressing and communicating water challenges with a specific focus on generating resilience within vulnerable areas in the planet.

The discussion is therefore laid-out to fluidly connect three factions pivotal to the implement of design strategies:
academia : research | education - design - praxis : finance | policy-making

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