First SUTD Scholarship for Malay Students To Pursue STEM Education

22 Jul 2016

Photo (from left) of Mr Abdul Hamid Abdullah, Chairman of Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), Mr Adam Bin Ilyas, Freshmore student, SUTD President, Professor Thomas Magnanti, Minister Yaacob Ibrahim, Mr Adam Haziq Bin Mohd Arshad, Freshmore student and Mr Suhaimi Salleh, President of Lembaga Biasiswa Kenangan Maulud (LBKM).

Singapore, 22 July 2016 – Malay Singaporean students who are keen to pursue a multidisciplinary hands-on education at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) can now apply for a new scholarship.
The Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) and the Lembaga Biasiswa Kenangan Maulud (LBKM) have jointly contributed $500,000 to the scholarship. The donation will receive a matching grant from the Singapore Government. Two scholarships of S$15,000 each will be awarded every year. This is SUTD’s first scholarship for needy Malay-Muslim undergraduates who demonstrate exemplary leadership skills and social consciousness. Open to students enrolled in any year of study at SUTD, the AMP-LBKM-SUTD scholarship is tenable for a year and full-time students can apply for it annually.
Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information, Minister-in-charge of Cyber Security, and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs, presented the scholarships to two recipients at SUTD today.
Twenty-one year old Adam Bin Ilyas is one of the recipients of this year’s scholarship. A Freshmore (first-year student) who intends to join SUTD’s Engineering Systems and Design pillar, Adam said that the scholarship would help defray the cost of his education, and ease the financial burden of his education on his family. He added: “I also plan to use part of the scholarship funds to pay for my hostel fees, as I believe that living on campus will not only add value to my personal development but also enable me to become more independent.”
Mr Abdul Hamid Abdullah, Chairman of AMP said: “One of AMP's goals for the community in education is to have a graduate in every family. Our programmes that are targeted at students are all designed to achieve this goal. Similarly, this scholarship that we have decided to set up with LBKM and SUTD is something that we feel is necessary to help students who may be struggling financially so that we can lighten their burden and allow them to focus on securing their degree. Given the global focus on technology-driven industries right now, SUTD is certainly the best partner for us to introduce this scholarship with so that it will help more students from our community to carve out a career in one of the fastest growing industries in the world today.”
Mr Suhaimi Salleh, President of LBKM said: “The award of the SUTD Scholarship epitomises LBKM’s commitment to facilitate our youths in their academic journey to realise their educational potential, intellectual competence and leadership capabilities. With SUTD’s unique education structure, we are confident that our youths will play vital roles in upgrading our economy. Since the funding for the scholarship is perpetual, we can look forward to living in a more technologically advanced society, with the SUTD graduates spearheading the change to a better future.”
SUTD President, Professor Thomas Magnanti said: “We are grateful to AMP, LBKM and the Government for their generosity. Education is one of the essential building blocks for human development and it is a tragedy when students are unable to pursue further education due to a lack of financial support. SUTD strives to be inclusive and this scholarship helps ensure that deserving Singaporean Malay students are able to pursue an education at SUTD without being limited by their finances.”