SUTD Receives Full Accreditation for Maximum Tenure Across All Its Degree Programmes

02 Mar 2017

The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) has been awarded full accreditation for its Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Architecture degree programmes by the Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB) and the Board of Architects Singapore (BOA) respectively.
Bachelor of Engineering programmes
SUTD’s three Engineering programmes − namely Engineering Product Development, Engineering Systems and Design and Information Systems Technology and Design – were awarded a five-year (maximum accreditation tenure) full accreditation for the first time, in line with its schedule for obtaining accreditation since the university started accepting students in 2012. Based on the recommendations of the EAB panels, students graduating in 2017 to 2021 are now recognised as having fully-accredited qualifications. This accreditation is also extended to the first and second batch of students who graduated in 2015 and 2016, and had previously obtained provisional accreditation.
The EAB panellists, which consisted of senior academics from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, as well as local industry leaders, assessed the degree programmes based on student learning outcomes, curriculum and teaching process, facilities and learning environment among many others. Extensive interviews with faculty and students (both alumni and current undergraduates) were conducted to ensure the robustness of the educational experience. Prior to the accreditation visit, dialogues and feedback sessions were also conducted with employers of SUTD student to ensure that they possess the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies required by the industry.
Master of Architecture programme
SUTD’s five-year Master of Architecture programme, which includes the completion of the Bachelor of Science (Architecture and Sustainable Design), has also received a five-year (also maximum accreditation tenure) full accreditation. The programme is now recognised by the BOA as one of the required qualifications for professional registration. One of the hallmarks of SUTD’s programme is that a Master of Architecture graduate would have already completed two to three internships with companies by the time they graduate, ensuring that they are “work ready”.
President of SUTD, Professor Thomas Magnanti, said: “We are delighted with the positive feedback and recognition given by both accreditation boards. Both of these accreditation achievements affirm our vision – providing multi-disciplinary design-centric curricula to develop technically-grounded leaders and innovators who are equipped with the necessary skills to address real-world problems. The accreditation assures students and industry of the high standards of an SUTD degree, and also provides us with constructive feedback to make adjustments, so as to continually refine and enhance the quality of our programmes.”