SUTD Partners Institut Teknologi Bandung and United in Diversity Foundation to Foster University-Industry Collaboration

07 Sep 2017

SUTD Chairman Mr Lee Tzu Yang, United in Diversity Foundation (UID) President Professor Mari Elka Pangestu and Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) Rector Professor Kadarsah Suryadi signed an MOU at the Istana on 7 September.

The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Indonesia’s oldest and top technology university, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), and non-profit organisation United in Diversity Foundation (UID), which was established for Indonesian leaders from the business, government and civil sectors to address diverse challenges of Indonesia and the region.
This tripartite collaboration clearly demonstrates the true spirit of trans-domain public and private partnership in education and businesses between the two countries to face the new challenges posed by technological transformations. It is fitting that this collaboration is signed at the time when Singapore and Indonesia are celebrating 50 years of close and strong bilateral relations. The partnership with ITB fosters cultural awareness and sensitivity between academic communities of ITB and SUTD, and enhances professors and students’ insights of the broader macro-economic environment of both Singapore and Indonesia. The partnership with UID adds on a new dimension, enabling faculty and students from both SUTD and ITB the opportunity to contribute to community development and for all parties to nurture a new generation of leaders who can address future world challenges, including technological transformations and sustainable development.
The five-year MOU, signed by SUTD Chairman Mr Lee Tzu Yang, ITB Rector Professor Kadarsah Suryadi and UID President Professor Mari Elka Pangestu was held at the Istana today. This is the first formal agreement between SUTD and the two Indonesian partners.
The MOU provided a framework for collaboration in six key areas:

  • Educational and research exchanges between SUTD and ITB;
  • Faculty and research fellow exchanges for teaching and collaborative research purposes;
  • Graduate programmes between SUTD and ITB where the two universities will explore the possibility of establishing double degree graduate programmes, such as double PhD degree programmes;
  • UID will facilitate internships for SUTD undergraduate students;
  • Entrepreneurship-related activities and projects through various ongoing activities, planned entrepreneurship centers and technoparks (including the planned technopark in Jakarta, Kura Kura Bali and/or other cities;
  • Joint activities such as research and academic collaborations, seminars, workshops, publications or other initiatives and programmes.

This MOU is one of many signed as part of the overarching collaboration between Singapore and Indonesia to boost education and business.  It will also support Indonesia’s vision to transition from resource based economic development, to one that is based on technology, innovation and creativity as new sources of growth, job creation and competitiveness.
SUTD president, Professor Thomas Magnanti said: “SUTD’s vision is to groom technically-grounded leaders and innovators to serve societal needs and we hope this partnership with ITB and UID will open up opportunities for our students to achieve that in Indonesia. Our students can use their design training to develop technologies and solutions to help provide improvements in areas such as disaster relief, public health and environmental conservation, to name a few. Through UID’s mentorship, the students can also set up start-ups to bring their innovations to market, which will literally benefit millions of people and help better the world.”

Rector of ITB said: “In the global context of higher education there is no true competition. No single university can work alone. Cooperation is needed to face the challenge of higher education in the future, to enable university playing significant role in the development of economic in the region. Cooperation between ITB, SUTD and UID is just a little step for us to move forward together.”

UID President, Professor Mari Pangestu said: “We hope this collaboration will support UID’s and Indonesia’s vision to develop technopreneurship and innovation, especially to facilitate and empower SMEs so that they can benefit from new technologies and business models.  UID Founder Cherie Nursalim added that “We have great collaborations with MIT, ITB and SUTD. We are keen to build innovation and tech hubs in Indonesia, including Jakarta and Kura Kura Bali. We believe what we are signing today will lead to truly sustainable solutions.”