Niometrics partners with SUTD to nurture tomorrow's industry talents

17 Oct 2019

Niometrics presented its Data and Business Analytics Award to the most outstanding student of the Data and Business Analytics module of the Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) pillar of SUTD.

On 13 September 2019, Luis Rezende, VP, Insights, and Foong Ming Lai, Solutions & Product Strategy Manager, presented the inaugural award on behalf of Niometrics to Chio Yuan Long during the SUTD Graduation Party. He obtained the highest score based on both individual and group work in the 40.011 Data and Business Analytics course.

Luis Rezende (VP, Insights, Niometrics), Chio Yuan Long (Data and Business Analytics Award winner and ESD student), Foong Ming Lai (Solutions & Product Strategy Manager, Niometrics) at the SUTD Graduation Party 2019.

As one of ESD core courses, this module builds the foundations for ESD students as they explore advanced data analytics techniques and tools in their junior and senior years.

Professor Peter Jackson, Head of the ESD Pillar from SUTD, commented: “SUTD greatly appreciates Niometrics’ support in providing a Data and Business Analytics course award which raises the visibility of this topic area and assures students that industry places a high value on what they are learning. In addition, Niometrics has provided our students with large datasets, challenging questions for this course and considerable freedom to explore possible answers. The course not only excites our students with real-world problems, forcing them to stretch their creativity and master new techniques, but students also reported that the projects were life-changing.”

Beyond sponsoring the award, Niometrics collaborates with SUTD in many ways, one of which is by commissioning projects. During the Data and Business Analytics Course Project Engagement last year, Niometrics provided two business problems and data to the ESD students. Through this three-month long course project, students applied what they learnt in the class to recommend solutions to the problems given. Apart from providing data, a team from Niometrics was appointed to guide the students in their problem-solving process throughout the entire duration of the project.

Niometrics also participated in the 2018 ESD Information Session, which aims to educate the university’s freshmores about the ESD curriculum and the five focus tracks they offer. Eduard Pop, VP, EMEA Client Partnerships, and technology expert from Niometrics, sat in the industry panel at this event to discuss with ESD students, help them understand the career opportunities lying in front of them, and answer any related questions they had.

Similarly, Niometrics was invited to speak at ESD Industry Leaders Seminar. This was an initiative from the University to create opportunities for students to interact with industry leaders and prepare them for their career choices in these industries, where Luis Rezende shared his vision on the industry’s latest developments and talked about “Turning Business Analytics into a Strategic Asset”.

Luis Rezende is also representing Niometrics as a Member of the ESD Advisory Board, which consists of leaders from academia, industry, public sector agencies and non-profit organisations that meets bi-yearly to provide feedback and guidance to enhance currency and strategic relevance of the ESD educational programmes and curriculum.

Commenting on the collaboration between both organisations, Luis Rezende said: “We are very pleased to collaborate with the ESD pillar from SUTD on our common goal of nurturing tomorrow’s data-centric talent. We believe that collaborations like this one are key drivers of innovation, not only contributing to the development of the professionals that will shape the industry in the future, but also helping us to secure our own capacity to innovate.”

Niometrics has also been collaborating with the Swinburne University in Australia to recruit talented young UX/UI professionals to join its Design Strategy Team in Melbourne, where the company launched its ANZ headquarters and regional Research and Development Hub in 2018.

Niometrics welcomes as well PhD students within its Research & Development teams. One of them, Eva Papadogiannaki, joined a research team specifically formed to tackle challenges related to the detection and classification of encrypted traffic, and she had the opportunity to present the research paper “OTTer: A Scalable High-Resolution Encrypted Traffic Identification Engine” with her colleagues at the 21st International Symposium on Research in Attacks, Intrusions, and Defenses (RAID 2018) in Greece.

Those are examples of Niometrics’ engagements with educational and academic institutions. Within the year, the company aims to establish more partnerships to help the education system in developing competences that the industry will demand, as well as to help secure Niometrics’ capacity to innovate, and build new technologies and solutions that answer the needs of the market, for today and in the future.

See the press release on Niometrics website.

About Niometrics

Niometrics is a network analytics company that provides solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to develop strategies and decisions for new digital businesses, customer experience management, and network planning and optimisation.

Analysing a combined base of over 500 million subscribers who consume and exchange over 60 PB of data daily, Niometrics’ proprietary, full-stack Deep Network Analytics (DNA) technology extracts, processes, and transforms in real time complex network data into insights, enabling CSPs to take better and more timely actions to drive higher business ROIs.

Niometrics partners with some of the largest telecommunications providers in the world. Based in Singapore, the company has operations and R&D hubs across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

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About ESD

Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) is one of four academic pillars at SUTD. The focus of ESD is the study of large scale complex systems whose performance and function depend both on their technology and on the socio-economic context within which they operate.

In ESD, we engage actively with industry to ensure the relevance of our programmes, and contribute to industry needs, such as providing expertise and building the talent pool. Our students are trained from Day One to tackle sophisticated real-world challenges, which will nurture them into innovative and technically-grounded professionals. A major part of their training is founded on industry collaboration with our trusted partners. Our goal is to connect you with ESD’s expertise and talents, through channels tailored to your organisation’s needs.

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About SUTD

The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is Singapore’s fourth public university, and one of the first universities in the world to incorporate the art and science of design and technology into a transdisciplinary, human-centric curriculum. SUTD seeks to advance knowledge and nurture technically-grounded leaders and innovators to serve societal needs. SUTD also recently topped a list of emerging engineering schools in the world in a study conducted by MIT.

A research-intensive university, SUTD is distinguished by its unique East and West academic programmes which incorporate elements of innovation, entrepreneurship, design thinking and local and international industry collaborations. SUTD’s key focus areas are Healthcare, Cities and Aviation, supported by capabilities in Artificial Intelligence/Data Science and Digital Manufacturing. Multiple post-graduate opportunities are available. In addition, skill-based professional education and training courses are also available at SUTD Academy.