Singapore University of Technology and Design Rolls Out Singapore’s Most Complex 3D Bus Ads

15 Jan 2024

SUTD rolls out Singapore’s most complex 3D bus ads as part of new “School for Innovators” advertising campaign.(Photo credit: Moove Media)

Your friendly neighbourhood bus service just got a whole lot cooler with massive three-dimensional robotic arms sticking out of the roof.
The new 3D bus advertisements by the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), which are being rolled out on local buses as part of a new "School for Innovators" advertising campaign, are the most complex of all bus ads to-date. In all, it involved a total of about 600 man-hours of conceptualisation, design and production to bring the idea to life.
A total of six buses, on Services 39, 107, 174, 74, 196 and 502, will ply the roads from today. The first set of three buses features two massive robotic arms, which measure 4.2 metres in length and 0.7 metres in height, fitting the roof of the bus, while another pair of robotic arms, fitting a window and the door of the bus. The entire 3D installation spans about 6.3 metres, covering more than half the bus rooftop. It is about three times bigger in volume than a typical 3D bus, making it the largest 3D installation on a bus to-date.
A variety of robotic arms are used on the SUTD campus, including the University's Fabrication Lab (Fab Lab) to design and build virtually "almost anything" with high-performance machines such as 3D printers, laser cutting and engraving systems as well as a water-jet machining centre. The Fab Lab, which is the first-of-its-kind in Singapore housing all state-of-the-art machinery under one roof, enables SUTD students to transform their creative ideas into tangible products, and eventually, into meaningful outcomes and innovations to serve societal needs. 

The entire 3D installation spans about 6.3 metres making it the largest 3D installation on a bus to-date. (Photo credit: Moove Media)
The second series of bus ads, which will roll out from 8 February, is a replica of SUTD’s high-performance two-seater electric race car. The actual electric race car was created using a host of 3D printing and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies as part of the Electric Vehicle Additive Manufacturing (EVAM) project in 2020. Two gigantic robotic arms can be seen installing tyres onto each side of the replica.
"This campaign showcases SUTD as a university which debunks traditional concepts of what a tertiary institution looks like. Instead of just using pen and paper, our students use robots as stationery. In place of theses, they design and build creative and innovative solutions for real-world problems. And in lieu of lectures, they engage in creative, hands-on discussions with fellow students, faculty and enterprise to find innovative and meaningful solutions for a more sustainable future. Put simply, they are the next generation of design innovators," said Ms Tammy Tan, SUTD Chief Communications Officer of the year-long ad campaign.
According to Moove Media, which was tasked with the production of the complicated structures, a total of six fiberglass production experts spent about 28 days working on the project – three times longer than normal 3D bus ads.

In all, it took Moove Media about 600 man-hours of conceptualisation, design and production to bring the idea to life. (Photo credit: Moove Media)

Mr Nelson Low, Head of Creative at Moove Media said: "These robotics arms are by far one of the most difficult 3D installations that Moove Media has had to fabricate, and we are excited to have been able to pull them off despite their complexity in the fastest time possible. To better capture the intricate details of the robotics arms, we had them 3D printed for mock-ups. The actual 3D installations are then fabricated in fiberglass for durability."
The 3D bus ad campaign is a lead-up to SUTD’s annual Open House that will take place on its campus on 8 Somapah Road from 10.30am to 5.30pm on 24 and 25 February 2024. Students who are keen on joining a university that brings out hidden talents and encourages innovative thinking are welcome to register for Open House at its microsite ( from 1 February 2024. The actual formula-style electric race car will be on campus for students to view and even go for a spin.

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