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四自助团体在同一屋檐下虽好 学者:须顾及各族文化敏感性

06 Aug 2018

Lianhe Zaobao, 6 Aug 2018, Though good to have four self-help groups under the same roof, experts say we must take into account the cultural sensitivity of different ethnic groups (summarised translation)

Four self-help groups will be working together to promote racial integration, a move that was praised by experts. However, the groups must not be too hasty in promoting racial integration, and miss out on taking into account the sensitivity of different ethnic groups.
According to information provided by four self-help groups, the Vibrance @ Yishun Centre, located at Yishun Street 11, provides a shared activity space. The centre offers various activities for the different ethnic groups to participate in, including education programmes, life skills lectures and workshops, etc. Cultural festivals can also be celebrated there to promote ethnic integration and provides a platform for cultural appreciation amongst the ethnic groups.
Dr Nazry Bahrawi [corrected online] from the Singapore University of Technology and Design said that this is an encouraging move because it recognises that societal issues are not ethnic-centric, which only leads to racial stereotypes.
Nazry, who often comments on Southeast Asian culture and society, said that although community clubs and residents’ committees’ staff strive to promote racial integration, the self-help groups can better connect to their ‘clients’ on the level of cultural sensitivities.
“Although ethnicity should no longer be primary identity markers for people, there is still value in recognising ethnic-specific practices and sensitive topics.”