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09 Jun 2019

ZBNow, 9 Jun 2019, Ballet dancer Timothy Ng; Dad can dance while Mum understands dance (summarised translation)
There is always a stereotype in society: you can turn to arts if you are not academically strong. Timothy Ng is indeed the best example to counter this.
Timothy, who graduated from junior college with excellent results, first applied to the Department of Astrophysics at National University of Singapore and University College London. After gaining acceptance at the two universities, he instead applied to the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). He was one of 76 students who received a scholarship from SUTD’s pioneer batch. He studied science and art at the same time.
The few years in SUTD were honestly very tiring; travelling back and forth between the university classroom and the dance studio at the dance theatre. “I often return to school for group meetings with my classmates in the middle of the night after practising at the dance studio. I admit that the idea of giving up has repeatedly flashed across my mind many times, and I can’t really say how I managed to keep it all together.”
Timothy’s mother, Mrs Ng nodded: “We all saw the difficulties he faced while in university, without self-discipline and passion, he would definitely not have been able to continue on, and frankly I respect my son for it.”
With his grades, “Top student” Timothy could have found a very good job in engineering after graduating, nonetheless, his parents kept their promise and allowed him to enter the dance group. Mrs Ng said: “My son kept to his promise, and we should do the same as parents. This is where his passion lies.”