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仲夏夜空 明晚亮灯

22 Aug 2019

Lianhe Zaobao, 22 Aug 2019, Night Festival Lights Up Tomorrow Night (translation)
In the evenings along the Stamford Road walkway, there are two art installations that look like “honeycombs” blooming with bright lights; the irregular structures appear to be pulling each other while at the same time presenting a harmonious beauty.
The light installation called “Symbiote” is local art group LiteWerkz’s piece for this year’s Singapore Night Festival.
This 12th run of the Singapore Night Festival will start from this Friday till 31 August. The public can enjoy 16 fantasy-related light installations and projection shows at various locations along the Bras Basah and Bugis districts.
LiteWerkz is a group made up of Singapore University of Technology and Design students and alumni who love the art of creating light installations, as well as a group of like-minded professionals.
SUTD student, Muhammad Syahid (25), said that he teamed up with seven other members to create “Symbiote” to reflect their interpretation of the “symbiotic” relationship.
“We hope that this work can symbolise our multicultural society, where there are many different elements pulling at us, yet we live together harmoniously.”
This year, many works highlight the characteristics of Southeast Asia. For example, the big banyan tree outside the National Museum will be transformed into a colourful "stage", where a light show inspired by the ancient Indian epic Ramayana will be staged. The light show will also be projected on the exterior of the iconic building.
In addition, the public can enjoy more than 40 performances from the 29th. For more information, visit: