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专家:家长勿拘泥于年龄 孩子何时可拥手机应取决于心智成熟度

22 Aug 2019

Lianhe Zaobao, 22 Aug 2019, Experts: Parents should not merely go by the age of the child when deciding when to give them a mobile phone. It depends on their individual development and maturity (summarised translation)
At the “Parenting in the Digital Age,” conference organised by the Media Literacy Council (MLC), SUTD and Google, experts shared advice on many aspects of parental supervision of children’s digital media use. Notably, Professor Lim Sun Sun shared that teens today have a far more public existence. In a digitalised world, the internet is the channel through which young people project and experiment with their identities. In such a public context, they are highly vulnerable to online criticism.” The occasion was the launch of the MLC’s newly revamped Clique Click, a parenting guide to smart media use for young children up through teens. The guide can be accessed here.