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14 Jan 2020

Lianhe Zaobao, 14 Jan 2020, SUTD launches Bachelor of Science in Design and AI (translation)
To complement the government's vision of developing a Smart Nation, the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) launched the first Bachelor of Science in Design and Artificial Intelligence programme, to nurture talents who can use technology to creatively solve modern-day problems and improve quality of life.
The Bachelor of Science in Design and Artificial Intelligence will begin in May this year, accepting up to 50 students for its first batch.
The programme spans 3.5 years and students will be exposed to areas such as user interface/user experience, product, systems, built environment and data-driven design, etc. They will also learn to use AI technologies and algorithms to create better design and applications. The programme also allows students to select their areas of interest and teaches them how to use technology to design solutions to current social and environmental issues.
During the school term, students also have the opportunity to go on student exchanges to countries like Netherlands and Finland. Collaborations between the school and the industry also provide students access to corporate data and mentors, which in turn gives them a taste of the real business environment.
The aim of the programme is to prepare talents to meet the needs of the “2025 Design Master Plan” and future artificial intelligence trends. Graduates from this programme will be prepared for jobs such as AI solution architects, data scientists, and data visualisation specialists, among many others.
Recent graduate from Jurong Pioneer Junior College, Michael Hoon (18) has always had an interest in artificial intelligence. When interviewed, he mentioned that he had already applied to SUTD’s new degree programme, as well as to another AI programme from Nanyang Technological University.
“Large tech companies like Google, Samsung and Huawei are now incorporating AI into their products, reflecting the many possibilities of AI. I hope I will be able to use AI to help design something that can help with the advancement of Singapore in future.”
SUTD president, Professor Chong Tow Chong revealed that he hopes to enroll 80 students next year and going forward, 150 students.