Cheng Hong Siang Tng donates S$1 million to establish an education grant with SUTD

13 Mar 2021

Lianhe Zaobao, 13 Mar 2021, 众弘善堂拨出100万元 与新科大设立教育补助金​ (translation)
Cheng Hong Siang Tng donated S$1 million to jointly establish a bond-free education grant with the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) to help needy students cope with tuition fees. This is Cheng Hong Siang Tng’s second donation to SUTD, and a higher amount.
In addition, Cheng Hong Siang Tng donated S$5,000-worth of NTUC Fairprice vouchers to disadvantaged families in Geylang Serai.
Cheng Hong Siang Tng and SUTD held a signing and cheque presentation ceremony at the SUTD campus yesterday to formally establish the Cheng Hong Siang Tng – SUTD Education Opportunities Grant.
In 2018, the temple donated to set up the Cheng Hong Siang Tng – SUTD Bursary. Five Singaporeans or permanent residents have benefited from this bursary each year, with each student receiving S$7,500. The Cheng Hong Siang Tng – SUTD Education Opportunities Grant is expected to benefit six Singaporeans yearly with S$7,500 each, helping reduce their education expenses.
Over the years, in addition to providing free medical services and helping disadvantaged elderlies through its welfare association, Cheng Hong Siang Tng has also provided financial aid to a number of primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges.
Mr Tang Weng Kui, Chairman of Cheng Hong Siang Tng, explained: "In order to promote the development of the society, one long–term solution is to put in resources and cultivate talents. Through education grants, we hope to help reduce the disparity between the rich and the poor in society, so that young people who are come from disadvantaged backgrounds but with excellent character and academics can have the opportunity to receive a good higher education.”
South East District Mayor, Mr Fahmi, was invited to attend the event yesterday and received the NTUC Fairprice S$5,000 gift vouchers donated by Cheng Hong Siang Tng. During an interview, he said SUTD’s emphasis on innovation and design, and cultivating young people's creative thinking is even more important in this rapidly changing era. “Through various financial assistance, we can encourage and help more young people to have the courage to innovate."
He believes that the NTUC gift vouchers donated by Cheng Hong Siang Tng, just like the grants, can alleviate the financial burden of disadvantaged families.
In gratitude to Cheng Hong Siang Tng for their contribution, SUTD has dedicated to the temple a rain tree on its campus, which can grow up to 30 meters in height, and named it the "Cheng Hong Siang Tng Tree".
Since the establishment of the SUTD Education Opportunity Grant in 2018, SUTD has also expanded this financial aid programme with different organisations over the years. So far, about 75 students have benefited. Students who are eligible to apply for the grant must have a monthly household income of S$2,250 or less, live in four-room or smaller HDB flats, with immediate family members who do not own private property. Recipients also cannot hold a scholarship at the same time unless approval was given by SUTD.