Inaugural job skills quarterly report focuses on training and adult education

23 Jul 2022

Lianhe Zaobao, 23 Jul 2022, Inaugural job skills quarterly report focuses on training and adult education (translation)
Universities and vocational training institutions are increasing demand for education technology skills such as learning solution design and user experience design. The transformation of various sectors of the job market is also driving demand for career coaches.
These are some of the trends revealed in the inaugural Job-Skills Quarterly Insights. Complementing the annual Skills Demand for the Future Economy report launched last year, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) will publish these quarterly reports, focusing on specific or high-growth areas, so that individuals and corporations are informed of the changes in the field and the skills required. The inaugural seven-page report focused on the training and adult education sector.
Speaking at the SkillsFuture Festival held at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) on Saturday (July 23), Minister of State for Education and Manpower Gan Siow Huang said that educational technology will be a key enabler to drive learning anytime and anywhere. Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) can further build their capabilities to deliver continuous education and training (CET) courses through online and blended learning, to allow for self-directed learning. Through such insights, IHLs can identify in-demand skills areas and jobs, and translate the insights into curriculum design.
She also encouraged universities to continue to strengthen collaboration with the industry, including Trade Associations and Chambers (TAC), leverage these institutions’ network and knowledge to better aggregate the skills demands across companies to develop more targeted training courses.
With the theme of “Design for the Future Economy”, the SkillsFutures Festival organised by SUTD together with other tertiary institutions and SSG offered more than 50 workshops and lectures.
In complement to the annual SkillsFuture Festival, five community development councils are also holding career fairs and events in the heartlands from Friday (July 22) to August 14, introducing the digital, sustainability and nursing professional fields, and promoting lifelong learning to residents.