Close to 30% of SUTD faculty are among the top 2% world’s most cited scientists

19 Oct 2023

Lianhe Zaobao, 19 Oct 2023, 近三成新科大教员 跻身全球文献引用次数最多首2%​ 
Close to 30% of faculty members from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) ranked among the top 2% of most-cited scientists in the world.
This ranking, considered the gold standard in the field of scientific research, is compiled by United State’s Stanford University, and is based on bibliometric information from the international citation database Scopus. In 2022, the list consisted of more than 210,000 researchers from 22 scientific fields and 174 subfields from around the world.
SUTD announced on Thursday (October 19) that 26 faculty members, including its President, Professor Chong Tow Chong, ranked in the top 2% of the list, accounting for 28.3% of its total faculty. Their main research areas include artificial intelligence and image processing, industrial engineering and automation, applied physics, and networking and telecommunications.
Four faculty members ranked among the top 0.1% in their respective subject areas
Four of the 26 faculty members ranked in the top 0.1% in their respective subject areas. They are Provost Professor Phoon Kok Kwang, Associate Provost for Research Professor Chua Chee Kai, Associate Professor Yang Shengyuan from Science, Mathematics and Technology, and Assistant Professor Soujanya Poria, who heads the Deep Cognition and Language Research Laboratory.
In the field of geological and geomatics engineering in Singapore, Professor Phoon Kok Kwang ranked 42nd among international peers in terms of single-year impact and 76th in career-long impact.
Assistant Professor Poria is ranked 441 among more than 350,000 researchers in his field. He and his team are actively addressing the limitations of large language models (LLM) and enhancing their trustworthiness, responsibility, safety and ethical standards. “We are honoured to be included on this prestigious list.”