Hawkers urge Town Council to replace all lights at ABC Food Centre as diners prefer a well-lit environment

03 Feb 2023

Lianhe Zaobao, 3 Feb 2023, 摊贩促市镇会尽快全更换 ABC熟食中心换灯泡食客逐光而来
(summarised translation) 
After renovations in June 2020, ABC Brickworks Food Centre switched to more environmentally friendly LED lights. However, some diners complained that the new lights were insufficient, and the dim environment caused discomfort. Stall owners also shared that the lighting issue led to a 30% reduction in business.
The complaints led Tanjong Pagar Town Council to partially switch to higher wattage bulbs. Stall owners reported that this led to some improvement in business, but the overall light remains insufficient, hence they urge the authorities to replace all remaining bulbs as soon as possible.
Academic: Light colour, distance and height will affect brightness
Dr Teo Tee Hui, Singapore University of Technology and Design's senior lecturer in Engineering Product Development, said that the choice of light colour, the distance between the lights and the height of the installation will affect the overall lighting effect. "Insufficient light will not only affect aesthetics and experience but may also pose a safety hazard. Hence, it is important to ensure that an environment has adequate light."