Leaving no room for void space at the void decks of HDB Flats

30 Apr 2023

Lianhe Zaobao, 30 April 2023, 激活寂寞空间 组屋底层不留白
(Summarised translation)

The void decks of HDB estates are usually under utilised. Apart from the occasional wedding or funeral, the space is usually used by the elderly for a chat or sought after by stray animals for shelter.

However, there have been ongoing efforts to reimagine, redesign and optimise the void deck spaces to offer recreational and rehabilitation activities for the elderly, upcycling opportunities and urban gardens for residents.
An example is the Cascadia HBD flat’s void deck area at Punggol Waterway that has been redesigned by SUTD Social Urban Lab (SOULab). The project was funded by HDB. Named ‘Cascadia Our Secret Yard’ (COSY), the social shared space at the void deck allows children to do their homework, parents to work and exercise. This multi-functional space can be adapted to suit the needs of the residents through the use of movable tables and chairs as well as cabinets that aid in demarcating separate areas for different purposes.