22 Entrepreneurs Upgraded Skills and Obtained SUTD Graduate Certificate

31 May 2023

8 World News, 31 May 2023, 22 Entrepreneurs Upgraded Skills and Obtained SUTD Graduate Certificate
22 entrepreneurs enrolled in the Singapore University of Technology and Design's (SUTD) ModularMaster programme, have obtained a graduate certificate, and actively started discussions on business collaboration projects.
This SMART Entrepreneurship Programme is jointly developed by SUTD, Teochew Federation (Singapore), Singapore Kityang Huay Kwan and other partners. This is the first local tertiary institution course that was tailored for clubs and associations.
The inaugural SMART Entrepreneurship Programme started last month, with a total of six key modules. Students who completed the first three modules -- ‘Scale’, ‘Mastery’ and ‘Agility’ were awarded the SUTD Graduate Certificate today (31 May 2023).
In the first module ('Scale'), the students gained in-depth understanding of internationalisation concepts. They were divided into four groups to analyse their own companies and provide suggestions for their internationalisation. In the 'Mastery' module, the groups also analysed their own companies’ corporate leadership, innovation and capital market, and proposed a strategic plan. The 'Agility' module focused on how to improve the agility, innovative ability and competitiveness of enterprises.
Lim Hwee Hai, Secretary-General of Teochew Federation, spoke about how the programme can benefit entrepreneurs.
“The corporate members of the Teochew Federation are all small and medium-sized enterprises, so I hope that through SUTD's SMART courses, this group of corporate members will have the ability to survive and expand in the ever-changing global digital economic environment.”
Dr Lim Boh Soon, president of the Kityang Huay Kwan believes that this collaborative programme can attract more young people to join the Association.
“This partnership has been very effective in attracting and developing the next generation of Association successors, providing them with valuable business opportunities and resources to strengthen their business skills and leadership capabilities.”
Teng Siew Lin, director of Neptune Work Wear Company, is one of the trainees. She said that she has benefited a lot from the course.
“In the process of business model and business digital transformation, I gained practical experience. The interaction with the other trainees and lecturers helped me gain a clearer strategic mindset, so I can better deal with business challenges and opportunities.”
The first batch of trainees will continue to attend another three modules in mid-July to complete the entire programme.