Young people from all over Asia gather together to participate in the Asian Youth Chinese Forum

11 Aug 2023

8 World News, 11 Aug 2023, 亚洲各地青年齐聚一堂 共襄华语论坛盛举​

The 2023 "Asian Youth Chinese Forum" was held at Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) from 10 to 12 July. The forum attracted 137 students from 19 schools locally and abroad to participate in the event.
The Asian Youth Chinese Forum is an annual large-scale forum organised by HCI, and aims to provide an open platform for Asian youth to discuss issues related to global development. The guest of honour for this year's forum is Professor Tai Lee Siang, SUTD Head of the Architecture and Sustainable Design Pillar, Director of the DesignZ, and Programme Director of the Design and Artificial Intelligence programme (DAI). Attendees benefited from the personal insights shared by the guest of honour and various participants.
This year, participants discussed the theme of "Join Hands to Create Sustainable Development". Sustainable development is based on the mutual coordination and common development of society, economy, population, resources and the environment.
Zhou Shuocheng (17 years old), chairman of the organising committee from HCI, said that being able to communicate, learn and establish deep friendships with students from all over the world is the most unforgettable experience in his student life so far.
Go to a local university to experience the development of the world first-hand
In order to enrich the students’ experience, the forum organising committee specially arranged two off-campus field trips, to visit local tertiary institutions, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and the Singapore Management University (SMU).
Participants not only learnt about how enterprises can promote the sustainable development of society from the management level in SMU, they also experienced first-hand how to control and tame AI (Artificial Intelligence) into IA (Intelligent Assistant) at SUTD, witnessing the infinite possibilities that technological innovation brings to sustainable development.
Gao Chengxin (16 years old) from St. Viator Catholic High School in Taiwan believes that these field trips allow them to experience first-hand how the world is changing rapidly, and encourage them to keep up with the pace and make long-term plans.