Dragon element designs evolve with contemporary trends

04 Feb 2024

8 World News, 4 Feb 2024, 龙元素设计与时俱进 专家:诠释不同精髓仍在 (summarised translation)

During the Year of the Dragon, numerous brands incorporate various dragon elements in their marketing endeavours. While some adhere to traditional motifs, others integrate Western dragons, cartoon dragons, and even dinosaurs into their designs. Experts interviewed noted that this trend has revitalised the traditional dragon image in modern society, retaining its essence despite diverse interpretations.

According to visuals provided by readers of 8 World News, dragons are presented in four main ways in special products and decorations for the Year of the Dragon. These include utilising traditional dragon totems, expanding interpretations of dragon symbolism, reimagining dragon-related cultural folklore, and integrating dragon elements into product creations. Zheng Kai, a lecturer at the School of Architecture and Sustainable Design at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, highlighted that as a community that is still traditional, it may be difficult to accept the presence of Western dragons in Chinese New Year decorations, but perceptions are dynamic and will evolve over time.