Master of Science in Technology and Design (Advanced IC Design and Technology)

Explore cutting-edge IC design and emerging technologies in semiconductor innovation and advancement

The Master of Science in Technology and Design (Advanced IC Design and Technology) programme offers a comprehensive and in-depth curriculum centred on advanced integrated circuit (IC) design and associated methodologies. Its primary goal is to equip students with the latest expertise in IC design techniques, igniting innovation and ensuring a robust understanding of the diverse methodologies shaping the industry. It prepares students for promising careers in the dynamic realm of IC design and technology, spanning various applications within the semiconductor industry.

Programme Structure

The programme aims to furnish students with extensive knowledge and practical experience in semiconductor device technologies and architectures, digital integrated circuit design, semiconductor materials analysis, as well as device and advanced integrated circuits. Additionally, it covers the latest techniques in IC design and manufacturing for diverse applications. Through immersive course projects and relevant training, students will gain invaluable practical, hands-on experience to excel in the field.

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