Master of Science in Technology and Design (Data Science)

Apply state-of-the-art data science techniques incorporated with a design science perspective to solve contemporary industrial, social, and economic problems

As the world grapples with unprecedented volumes of data, there is an increasing urgent demand for data experts who can derive meaningful insights. The area of data science deals with the discovery of patterns in data that can help make decisions; hence it is often called the science of data-driven decision-making. Grounded in the core of applied mathematics, modeling, and computation, it has widespread applications in various fields such as business, finance, telecommunication, transportation, and more.
Modern enterprises, governments, and even individuals are using more advanced data science methods to make more informed decisions, such as purchases of products or services, reaching out to new markets, and enhancing the effectiveness of their internal operations and workflows. The Master of Science in Technology and Design (Data Science) programme equips students with the skills and knowledge to apply state-of-the-art data science techniques amalgamated with a design science perspective to solve contemporary industrial, social, and economic problems.

Programme Structure

In this programme, you will delve deep into areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistical learning, optimisation, and simulation methodologies. It allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of data-driven decision-making. You will also learn the skills of complex data management, communication using data and the intricacies of data governance and ethics. The incorporation of design core modules will empower you with the necessary design know-how for developing cutting-edge technological solutions. In the final design project, you will apply your coursework knowledge to specific application domains such as aviation, finance, logistics, telecommunication, transportation, and more.
This one-year full-time programme is suitable for individuals who wish to upgrade their skillset to the state-of-the-art design and data science technology to fast-track their professional careers or entrepreneurial pursuits as technically grounded leaders and innovators.

Message from the Academic Programme Director

Recent progress in technology and digitisation has allowed us access to vast amounts of data - usually complex, unstructured, and often distributed across platforms and providers. When skilfully harnessed, such data is ripe with information, providing valuable insights that could help organisations in reducing costs, optimising processes, allocating resources, identifying and predicting customer behaviour, finding emerging opportunities, and the list goes on. Enterprises involved in various domains including healthcare, finance, transportation, logistics operations, telecommunication, and beyond - consistently rely on experts to discover patterns and extract insights from such data to aid strategic decision-making. Hence, the need for experts in all aspects of data work from analysts to architects to engineers and scientists - is undeniable.
We have introduced this programme to address this growing demand for data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists. This programme will prepare you for the exciting and dynamic world of data science with a unique approach focusing on a systems perspective. Your instructors and mentors will guide you from the basics of curating and managing data to exploiting data for informed decisions using tools from machine learning, optimisation, artificial intelligence, statistical learning, simulation and more. Our pool of experienced instructors, industry experts and mentors bring with them a wealth of knowledge and passion and are committed to leading you on this transformative journey. Our goal is to upskill your proficiency in data analytics and equip you with modern and cutting-edge data science tools. This approach is crucial in today’s data-driven world, where the ability to turn data into actionable decisions is highly valuable.

Associate Professor Bikramjit Das

Associate Head Of Pillar (Graduate Programme), Engineering Systems and Design

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