Master of Science in Technology and Design (IC Design, Failure Analysis and Reliability)

Gain advanced theoretical knowledge and practical experience of cutting-edge technologies at world-leading facilities

The Master of Science in Technology and Design (IC Design, Failure Analysis and Reliability) programme is designed to address the growing demand for skilled professionals in the semiconductor industry who possess not only advanced theoretical knowledge but also practical experience. This programme aims to give students an all-encompassing knowledge and experience in the fields of semiconductor device technologies and architectures, digital integrated circuit design, semiconductor materials analysis, device and integrated circuit reliability and failure analysis for production yield improvement.
Developed in collaboration with Wintech-Nano Technology, a leading expert in semiconductor chip analysis and testing, the programme offers a standout feature: a two-month internship during the final term at Wintech’s cutting-edge facilities in Suzhou, China. This extraordinary opportunity allows students to learn through practical engagement, preparing students effectively for your future career in the semiconductor domain.

Programme Structure

Wintech is a world-leading multinational laboratory with cutting-edge technology in semiconductor material and device failure analysis and reliability assessment. This programme combines SUTD’s design-centric curriculum and Wintech’s technological advanced expertise to provide talent training and development to address the strong demands of the industries. Students will complete the programme with a two-month internship at Wintech-Nano Technology in Suzhou, China at the end of the final term. Students will be provided a monthly stipend and accommodation allowance* while in Suzhou, China.
This one-year full-time programme is suitable for individuals who wish to upgrade their skillset with state-of-the-art design thinking and semiconductor analysis to fast-track their professional careers or entrepreneurial pursuits as technically grounded leaders and innovators.
* The monthly stipend and accommodation allowance are provided only during the internship in Suzhou, China. The amount and way of transfer to students are decided by Wintech and no requests will be entertained. Satisfactory completion of the internship is required for graduation from the programme.

Message from the Academic Programme Directors

Our dedication to co-develop the Master of Science in Technology and Design (IC Design, Failure Analysis and Reliability) programme with one of the industry leaders arises from the recognition of the pivotal role of semiconductor analysis and testing in the industry as integrated circuit chips continue to serve as the backbone of modern technology.
The distinctive component of internship at the cutting-edge premises of our programme partner, Wintech-Nano (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., offers an unparalleled hands-on experience, bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world application. This programme embodies our commitment to providing students not only with theoretical knowledge but also practical proficiencies that will give them the unique competency that set them apart in the dynamic semiconductor industry.

Dr Cheah Chin Wei

Senior Lecturer, Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT)

Dr Shubhakar Kalya
Senior Lecturer, Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT)


About Wintech-Nano Technology

Wintech-Nano Technology is a world-leading third-party commercial laboratory in semiconductor chip analysis and testing, with world-class facilities and top expertise in the field. The company's business focuses on the electronics and semiconductor fields, providing one-stop material analysis (MA), failure analysis (FA), reliability analysis (RA), destructive physical analysis (DPA), automotive grade chip testing and R&D-assisted TD services. Wintech is also known as the "chip general hospital" in the semiconductor industry chain.

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