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SUTD Engineering Doctorate Programme

Programme Overview

The SUTD Engineering Doctorate (EngD) provides graduate students with industry-relevant training to enable the translation of research & development (R&D) efforts into tangible products, systems and services.

In general, the EngD is oriented toward research of a technical readiness level (TRL) at 3–4, compared with a PhD degree  that is traditionally oriented toward a TRL of 1–2.

EngD students must demonstrate a high level of expertise in both theoretical scientific principles and the implementation of said theory on realistic and industry-relevant needs. EngD students will be co–supervised by SUTD faculty members and industry supervisors.

In additional to passing the EngD qualifying examination (within 2 years) and submitting a EngD thesis, students are required to complete the following coursework components:

Candidature Period for Full-Time (Maximum candidacy of 5 years)

  • Full-Time: 3 to 5 years

Research Areas of SUTD Faculty Members

Those who are interested in our PhD Programmes may visit the following websites for more information on faculty research areas.